17 Best Batman Gadgets of All Time


Batman has been fighting crime in Gotham for many years, and over that time he’s had to keep up with the latest technologies. In this article, we take a look at some of his most awesome gadgets.

Best Batman Gadgets

So, lets check out what are the best gadgets that are used by Batman.


These are Batman’s signature throwing stars. They have a variety of uses, but in this article we’ll take a look at how they can be used to cause distractions or start fires. On occasion, his enemies will make the mistake of trying to bat them back at him, only for Batman to counter by grabbing it out of the air.


Batman is a mastermind, so it makes sense that he relies on his computer to help him out when fighting crime in Gotham City. Not only does it store all sorts of information about criminals and their activities, but Bruce also uses the database for research purposes and can even use satellite mapping to keep track of his enemies’ plans.


Batman’s car is one of his most iconic pieces of equipment, and it has changed a lot over the years. The first models were simply cars with bat symbols on them that he would use to reach destinations more quickly than by walking or even running. As time went on, its design became sleeker and more high-tech, with gadgets like the Batmissile and integrated camera that Bruce could use to spy on his enemies from far away. This is obviously not just any car; this thing can go up to 355 km/h and can even go underwater.

Utility Belt

Every superhero needs a place to store their weapons while they’re not fighting crime in Gotham City, but Batman has one of the most useful utility belts around. It has grappling hooks, smoke bombs, batarangs- all of the things you would expect and more.

Utility Cuffs

Batman uses these handcuffs to catch his enemies when he needs them alive. They are made from a lighter metal than your typical police cuffs so that they don’t crush someone’s wrists if it is tightened too much.


This handy little gadget shoots out two electrodes that can knock someone unconscious. They’re perfect for a quick getaway, and Batman always has one on him in case of emergencies.

Smoke Pellets

These can be thrown at an enemy and they’ll release smoke to cover their tracks so that Batman can follow them without being seen.


The cape itself is made from a stiff fabric, but the material can be cut to release gas and create an explosive blast.


This is a device that Batman uses to find hidden objects. It emits pulses of sound waves and picks up the vibrations coming back from any object it’s pointed at, which can be useful for finding anything from weapons to enemies hiding in dark places.

Grapnel Gun

This is one of the best weapons in Batman’s arsenal. It shoots out a hook-like contraption that can be used to climb up buildings or pull someone closer if they’re on another roof.

This shoots out a hook with an attached rope or cable that attaches itself securely to the desired object. It can be used to pull objects closer or even climb on top of them, and in some cases it can be fired with an explosive device attached which uses its hooks to hold onto a target before detonating.

Tosses a line up high and pulls it back down, allowing him to climb without the use of his feet. This is especially useful when fighting against opponents who have height as an advantage such as Poison Ivy or Killer Croc.


This is Batman’s plane that he flies around Gotham City when patrolling, and also has rocket boosters for when he needs to get somewhere fast. It’s also equipped with a cloaking device and can launch aerial assaults against targets.

Grappling Gun

This shoots out an electrically charged cable that will attach itself securely to the desired object, allowing Batman to swing over large gaps or just climb up buildings like Spiderman does using his power.

Night Vision Goggles

These goggles allow Batman to see through any darkness and have thermal imaging so he can spot people hiding there in night time or also in pitch dark.

EMP device

This is used to disable electronic devices and it can also be coupled with the Batwing’s missile launcher for better damage.

Explosive Gel/Gel Explosive

This is a substance that Batman can put on surfaces so he can set it off when desired. It’s useful for blowing open doors or setting traps for enemy.

Disruptor Belt/EMP belt

The disruptor belt emits high frequency signals which will interfere with the electronics around him, temporarily disabling enemies as long as they’re in range of the belt.

Homing Grenades

These little devices are thrown at an enemy and will then track them down no matter where they go (even through walls) to explode.

How Batman Got His Powers?

Which one is your favourite Batman gadgets? You can comment it below.

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