How Many Homes Does Bernie Sanders Own?

bernie sanders
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., gives a sign during a campaign event, Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020, in Boone, Iowa. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

If you are not living inside a rock, you know who Bernie Sanders is. He is the ex presidential candidate who ran for the President of the USA against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Sadly, he was not voted the president.

Anyway, Bernie is currently a Senator and he is actually one of the less richer of them. Most senators earn a lot of money but Bernie doesn’t have that kind of money. Yet, he still owns lavish homes and lives a life of luxury. So, today we will give you the answer to the question that you might have. How many house does Bernie Sanders actually have? Well, find out here but before that, let us take a look at a summary of Bernie’s biography.

About Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders’ real name is actually Bernard and he was born in the year 1941. Yes, he was born right in the middle of World War II. Bernie is an American politician and a former activist who previously served as a US senator from Vermont. He was also a US representative for the state till 2007.

Bernie was born in New York City. He is actually from Brooklyn, New York. His father is Elias Ben Yehuda Sanders who was born in a Jewish family in Poland. He moved to the USA in 1921 and started working as a salesman. Bernie’s mother Dorothy was born in NYC to Jewish immigrant parents. So, yeah Bernie is of Jewish origin and he himself follows Judaism.

Bernard Sanders became very interested in politics as a child. He went to James Madison High School where he captained the track team and even managed to take the team to the third place. Quite an achievement!

Anyway, Bernard then went to study at Brooklyn College. But he later transferred to the University of Chicago where he graduated with Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science. This was in 1964 and his political career actually started here.

Bernie has termed the college education mediocre though because he did not feel challenged by it. He said the lectures were irrelevant and boring. 

Moving on to his career, Bernie Sanders is actually the longest serving independent senator in US Congressional history. He has a close tie with the Democratic Party but he is still very independent. He has caucused with the House and the Senate Democrats for most his career though.

Sanders got the Democratic Party Nomination for running in the race of President of the United States in the year 2016 and 2020. He finished in second place in both of his campaign. But way before he was ever a Senator, Bernie Sanders was the mayor of the state of Vermont.

How many houses does Bernie Sanders have?

Bernie Sanders have three homes. He owns three of them in three different places. His first house is in the District of Columbia (Washington). And the other two are in Vermont. The Vermont houses are a bit secluded. One is in the Chittenden County while other is near Lake Champlain.

Information about Bernie Sanders’ Houses

So, Do you want to know about the houses that Bernie Sanders own? Well, let us start

House 1 – Washington, D.C.

In the year 2007, Bernie and his wife Jane bought the townhouse in Washington. The house is pretty huge. But it only has a single bedroom and it’s area is 900 square feet.

They bought this house to be close to the US Capital. The Capital city is just a few blocks away from this space.

You might think a one bedroom townhouse would be cheap but you would be very wrong. Bernie paid almost $500K for the house in 2007. Let that sink in!

House 2 – Chittenden County, Vermont

Just two years after buying the house in Washington, the pair bought a four bedroom house in Vermont. The house is located in the Chittenden County.

Guess the price? Well, it is cheaper than the one they bought in Washington. The house cost them $400K (approximately). They did not pay cash or wrote a check for it though. Instead, they bought the house on mortgage. The house is also on a very big plot of land with greenery so, the value of the house will only go up.

House 3- Lake Champlain, Vermont

Bernie Sanders and his wife also purchased a second home in Vermont in 2016. This time they went big and got a house with an incredible area of 1800 square feet. The house sits on the shore of Lake Champlain. This costed them around $600K.

Bernie’s wife Jane, in an interview, said that the fund for the house came from many income sources. She said that most of it came from a book that Bernie was writing. And Jane also sold some shares and borrowed a bit of money from her retirement savings to fund the house.

This explanation was necessary because Bernie came under a lot of pressure from the media as he failed to file a financial disclosure statement during his time as a candidate. This happened when Bernie himself was a supporter of transparency.

Bernie later confirmed that there was some misunderstanding inside the campaign and that resulted in the delayed financial disclosure. Bernie also said that he had been very transparent in his financial dealings.

How much is Bernie Sanders worth?

There are many magazines that report a different net worth of Bernie Sanders and it seems to be changing every year.

For instance, In 2019 Forbes said that the senator had a net worth of $2.5 million. But the political magazine Politico said that the net worth was under $2 million. Similarly, some other media puts his net worth around $700K to $1.8 million.

In 2021, It has been reported that Bernie Sanders is worth around $2 Million. But how did Bernie manage to earn this much money? Let us find out.

How did Bernie become a millionaire?

Bernie Sanders was not really born into a rich family. He has worked his whole life doing different jobs before he went into politics. Bernie used to teach at a preschool before getting into politics.

He was elected the mayor of his hometown in Burlington, Vermont in the year 1981. After that, he was elected in the House in 1990 and the senate in 2006. These Jobs pay pretty good but still, in 2016, Bernie was considered one of the poorest member of congress. He was worth only $600K back then.

After that Bernie wrote a book and most of his income has come from book deals and sales. He has had bestsellers when it comes to books. Bernie also has two pension plans from the City of Burlington as well as the federal government.

As we mentioned earlier, Bernie has three homes and he scrutinized for it since people have this perception of him being the supporter of left-wing politics.

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