Who is Ben Askren’s Wife, Amy Askren?

Amy Askren with Ben

Amy Askren is famous for being married to the one and only Ben Arsken. You don’t know Ben? Well, let us introduce him first and then we will continue this article!

Ben Askren is the Olympic Wrestler and a former ONE Welterweight champion. Ben fights under Roufusports, Evolve MMA. He has a successful career. He has been in the limelight for a while now and in the future, we hope to see him fight in the UFC too (he has fought for the UFC in the past).

But we won’t really be taking about him today, this article is all about his wife Any Askren. So, let us get started!

Amy Askren’s Short Introduction

Amy Askren was born in the United States of America. While we don’t know her exact date of birth, we can say that she is somewhere around Ben’s Age. In terms of ethnicity, she is white. Aside this we don’t know much about her. Since Amy is not really a public person, we have no idea about her parents, siblings and her academics as well.

Ben Askren, her husband, on the other hand, was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His real name is Benjamin but his close friends and family call him “Funky.” Similarly, the star athlete is the son of Chuck Askren and Michele Askren. He completed his early education from Arrowhead Highschool situated in Wisconsin. He then moved to the University of Missouri.

Ben Askren Professional Career

We have zero idea about Amy’s career and life choices but we do know Ben’s Story. So, let us tell you a bit about his story now. As we know, Ben is a former professional wrestler as well as a current MMA fighter. He has worked for several MMA promotions such as ONE and UFC.

In addition to being a fighter, Ben is also a coach. He has coached amateur wrestling in the University of Missouri and this was when he started working out to make his way into the MMA world. People describe his style as “Funky” and this is his nickname too. He has a really chill and cool vibe when he fights and is fun to watch as well.

He totally dominated the year 2006-07 in the world of Wrestling. In terms of his wrestling achievements, Ben is a former NCAA Champion. He won it two times. He also got the Schalles Award which is awarded to the best inner at the end of each season. All of this led him to being selected in the Olympics and he competed in the Summer Olympics of 2008. He qualified in the 74 Kg wrestling category and finished the event with an Olympic Silver. Not bad!

After the Olympics, Askren began to pursue his MMA career and after that he has continued working in the MMA as an Active Submission Wrestler as well as a black belt in jiu-jitsu.

Personal Life

Ben Askren with his family

Amy has a relationship with the former wrestler and the MMA star Ben Askren. She is currently married to ben and is enjoying a very good life with him. The couple have been married for more than 10 years now. They exchanged vows back in 2010. The wedding was quite small though. Only close friends were invited.

As we mentioned, the relationship between the two is quite great and we don’t see any misunderstanding. So, they won’t really get divorced in the future. They have 3 children together as well. Two daughters and a son. The son is the youngest one among them but we don’t really know the names of the children. They have really hidden their children from the public.

Net Worth and Income

We don’t really know what Amy does for a living so, we have no avenue to judge her total net worth. We also don’t know what her revenue stream or salary is. But we do know her husband’s financial status.

Amy shares a fortune of $10 million dollars with her Husband. Yes, this is Ben’s net worth. He made this money from his hugely successful career in UFC and his success as an Olympic wrestler. Along with the net worth, Ben also makes a lot of money from deals and endorsement values. Ben makes around $500K from his deals alone. He also rakes in almost 50K for winning a fight and earns a good sum when he just gets booked for a fight. He also won a lawsuit recently worth $350K. The two live a really good life in their house. They have a pretty good house and a luxurious life. In terms of luxury, Ben has a huge collection of high end cars such as Rolls Royce and Lamborghini.

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