All About Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Bianka Bella Bryant Biography

Bianka Bella Bryant
Date of Birth 2016
Siblings 2
Father Kobe Bryant


All of us who grew up watching basketball know who Kobe Bryant is. Arguably the best basketball player of all time, Kobe had a fantastic career and a very sad death.

Unfortunately, the great Kobe Bryant’s death was untimely and he is remembered by his fans all over the world.

Bianka Bella Bryant is  the third child of the late great Kobe Bryant. She is famous for being the daughter of Kobe and she is just 4 years old right now.


bianka bella bryant with her father kobe bryant

Bianka was born in the year 2016. She was born in December and she has been the member of the Bryant Family since then.

She is the third child of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and model Vanessa Bryant. Bianca has three other siblings. Her older sister’s name is Natalia and she has a younger sister named Capri.

Her third sister Gianna passed away in the January of 2020 along with her father Kobe. She is also the grand daughter of Joe Bryant.

Who was Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bean Bryant was an American Professional Basketball star in the NBA. His father was Joe Bryant who also used to play basketball before he retired.  His father played in teams like Clippers, Houston Rockets and 76ers.

Often dubbed as one of the Greatest Players of our time, Kobe helped the LA Lakers win a whopping 5 NBA Championships. Kobe was in the All Star NBA team for 18 times which is incredible.

He is a 12 time member of the All Defensive team and in 2008, he win the NBA’s prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Player) award. Bryant has also become top scorer in NBA and he even ranks 4th in NBA’s all time point scorer. He had an incredible career in basketball.

Kobe Bryant’s Life, Career and Legacy

Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He was the son of  mother Pamela Cox Bryant and father Joe Bryant.

His father was also a retired former NBA basketball player. This inspired Kobe to become a player himself. His love for basketball was evident as he started playing basketball from an early age.

When Kobe was just 6 years old, he and his family moved to Reiti, Italy. A whole different country. But after a while, they came back to America.

Kobe enrolled at Lower Merion High School. In his schooling days, he took part in many basketball competition. He even managed to win a State Championship with his school after 53 years.

Because of his unquestionable talent, Kobe got to be on the draft of the NBA and was picked by Charlotte Hornets. Later, he joined the LA Lakers.

He played a really good season in the year 1996-97 for the Lakers. The following season, he make one of the best young players in the league. He got many awards and he stuck with the Lakers for many more years.

The coach Phil Jackson helped Kobe improve and all their hard work was turned fruitful when they became the Champions in the 2000-02 Season.

After this, the new season began and the coach Rudy led the team. Kobe extended the contract for 7 more years.

In 2007, Kobe set a record for being the youngest player to reach the massive 20,000 points mark. The NBA finals of 2009 saw Kobe getting his first NBA final MVP trophy. He finally retired on 2015 from the game of Basketball.

Kobe Bryant Death

The world famous basketball megastar Kobe Bryant was one of the 9 people who were killed in a helicopter crash just north of Los Angeles.

Kobe was just 41 when he died. This crash also killed Gianna Bryant, the 13 year old daughter of Kobe.

They were travelling to Orange County, California when they were killed in the crash. Kobe was killed on January 26, 2020.

After his passing, people from all over the world mourned for the late great basketball star. Everyone found the news pretty shocking and a lot of people paid their tribute.

The death itself was very sad and unfortunate. The world of basketball as well as the entire world misses the swagger and the talent of the great Kobe Bryant.

How much is Kobe Bryant Net Worth?

Kobe is worth a lot of money. He made his first million as a teenager. His first deal as a rookie was for 3.5 million dollars which is incredible.

The next six years of his contract with the Lakers alone was worth 70 million dollars. After that, his contract was making him 24 million dollars an year. And this is all from just the salary.

Add to this, he had sponsorship deals with the likes of Nike, Adidas, Various car companies and more. These deals are thought to be somewhere around 300 million dollars which is a huge.

Kobe also collaborated with entrepreneur Jeff Stibel and launched a venture capital fund named Bryant Stibel.

This investment company handles investments in the media and technology. So, we can say that Kobe is worth more than 500 million dollars.

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