Who Is Tish Cyrus’ Ex-Husband Baxter Neal Helson?

Baxter Neal Helson

You might not have heard much about Baxter Neal Helson as he is not popular. But you might be interested to learn more about him once you know that he is the former husband of Miley Cyrus‘s mother, namely Tish Cyrus.

Tish Cyrus is an American actress and producer who is also the manager of her daughter Miley Cyrus. She has a number of projects under her belt that includes stuff like The Last Song, LOL, and So Undercover. She has even produced films starring her daughter Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth.

However, not much is known about her ex-husband. So, we will tell you everything you need to know about him including his personal life, career, relationship, net worth, and more in this article. So, let’s get started.

Baxter Neal Helson developed a passion for music at a young age

Baxter Neal Helson was born on 21st December 1966 in Kentucky, United States. He grew up in Ashland, Kentucky. According to his birthdate, he is currently 55 years old and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Baxter developed an interest in music at a young age. It is speculated that his family might have taught him his introductory music lessons. Thus, he learned drums and started his career in the music industry. He spent a lot of time practicing and honing his skills in music and was able to earn a decent living out of it.

Soon, he became quite popular in Kentucky and lent his drumming skills to many popular songs. However, it was not the same for his rock band as they could not gain much popularity. He studied Music Teacher Education at Johns Hopkins University. He is 5’8″ tall and he weighs about 63 kg.

Is Baxter Neal Helson married?

As mentioned earlier, Bacter was in a marital relationship with Tish Cyrus. The two had met each other for the first time at a local town party. It was love at first sight and the two joined the hips and lived together.

They decided to walk down the aisle in 1986. The two welcomed their first daughter named Brandi Cyrus (previously known as Brandi Glenn Helson) on 26th May 1987. Later, the couple welcomed their second child; a boy named Trace Dempsey Cyrus (previously known as Neil Timothy Helson) on 24th February 1989.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last for long as they realized that their marriage was not working out. As a result, they decided to file for divorce in 1989. Their divorce was finalized and the reason for the separation was Tish’s extramarital affair.

However, it wasn’t over as they had a difficult time with the custody of their two children. Ultimately, Tisha was victorious and took custody of their two children. Baxter was still allowed to visit and call his children whenever he wanted.

Tish and Brandi Cyrus

Tish filed a petition against Baxter

After their divorce, Tish moved to Nashville with her current husband named Billey Ray Cyrus. However, she wasn’t satisfied with the court’s decision so she file a petition against Baxter for specific visitation with the children afterward. She found her two children to be hesitant and uncomfortable during the petition.

Tish even claimed that her ex-husband was cutting Trace’s hair during his visits and was persisting in calling the child Neil, while she preferred the name ‘Trace’. Their two children were living with their grandmother at that time.

She even testified that their son Trace was quite agitated with Baxter’s visits afterward. Similarly, the grandmother also claimed that the 3-years-old Trace had begged her not to force him into spending time with his father. The 3-year-old even requested the judge and the police as well.

Unfortunately, the court immediately denied Tish’s request for Baxter’s supervised visits but the court granted her request to avoid forcing the children to meet their father. However, she adopted her two children after she got married to Billy Ray Cyrus and changed the surname of both kids to Cyrus. Thus, Brandi and Trace are closer to their stepfather Billy than their actual biological father.

Unfortunately, Baxter has completely shut himself from the media and the public after his divorce. So, we don’t know what he is up to these days and how he is living his life at the present.

Baxter Neal Helson’s net worth and presence on social media

It is estimated that Baxter’s net worth is $500,000. He has earned quite a decent sum of money from the music industry. However, his income and assets haven’t been disclosed yet and it is said that he got a significant portion of her ex-wife’s money too.

Talking about his ex-wife’s net worth, it is estimated that her net worth currently stands at $20 million. Furthermore, their children Brandi and Trace are worth $2 million each at the present.

So, it seems that Baxter must be living quite a lavish and comfortable life. Unfortunately, he is not available on any social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. Some people get famous because of their partners. All thanks to love life and their relationship.He might be a professional drummer, but he gained a huge limelight and popularity after tying knot with Tish Cyrus.

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