All About Tish Cyrus’ Ex-Husband: Baxter Neal Helson (Bio, Net Worth)

Baxter Neal Helson
Date of Birth 1966
Profession Drummer
Ex-Wife Tish Cyrus
Net Worth $500,000

Baxter Neal Helson is a musician and He is specifically a drummer. Helson is known for being the ex-husband of Leticia “Tish” Cyrus who is the mother of the famous singer Miley Cyrus.

Who is  Tish Cyrus?

Baxter’s former wife Tish Cyrus is an actress as well as the producer. She does all this work along with raising a family.

She has a number of projects under her belt that includes stuff like The Last Song which is based on the novel written by Nicholas Sparks.

The movie stars her daughter Miley and actor Liam Hemsworth. The story is about a troubled teenager’s quest to reconnect with her estranged dad. This movie is also about love and freedom. It was directed by Julie Robinson.

Tish has also worked in other major Hollywood movies such as the 2012 film LOL which is actually a remake of a French film.

This film also starred Miley Cyrus and it was filmed in 2010. The film met with negative response though and the critics bashed the film for being sub par.


Baxter Helson was born in the year 1966. His home town is Kentucky Ashland and he was born in the same town as well.

No any information about his siblings, parents and early childhood is known right now. We do know that he had a musical background and he loved playing music from an early age.

Baxter was married to Tish Cyrus initially but the pair divorced in 1989.  The couple were married since 1986 and at the age of 19, Tish was pregnant. The pair had a child Brandi Glenn and just after two years they had another one.

After the couple divorced, Tish and Baxter fought in court for the custody of their children. Tish was voted the main custodian by the judge and Baxter was limited to visitations.

Tish started dating Billy Ray Cyrus later and then they got married in 1993. After their marriage, Billy was legally responsible for Tish’s two children so, he gave them the Cyrus surname.

What does Baxter Neal Helson do?

We don’t know much about Baxter’s career other than the fact that he developed a passion for music from an early age. He learned drums and he would later start a career in the music industry.

He practiced a lot. Baxter spent a lot of time in honing his skills in music. In addition, he made a decent living out of it. Eventually Baxter met Tish at a party and they started dating.

The two of them lived together for a while. They got married in 1986. Tish was only 19 when she became pregnant with their first child.

Things were going very good at the start but soon everything started to go south. The two realized that their marriage was going nowhere so, they filed for divorce in 1989.

Later, it seemed that this would end their problems but after a certain time, the two were battling again for the custody of their children.

Baxter Neal Helson Net Worth

If we have to trust the sources, we can say that Baxter is actually worth a decent sum of money. The exact figure is $500,000.

He earned this money from the music industry. It is said that he got a significant portion of her ex wife’s money too. Tish is currently worth $2 million.

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