Who is Sarah Jade, Ex-wife of Bautista?

Sarah Jade with Bautista

Sarah Jade, if you don’t know, is the ex-wife of the WWE Superstar Dave Batista. But she has her own identity as well. Sarah is actually a very famous name in the Pole Dancing scene and she has been doing aerial performances for a long time. She is also pretty successful as a teacher as well as a dancer.

She is even an entrepreneur and has a successful business running. We will get into it in detail later. Now, let us take a look at her early days, and then we will talk about her career.

Who is Sarah Jade?

Full Name Sarah Jade
Birth Date December 12, 1987
Age 33 years old
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Birth Place Tampa, Florida
Home Town Tampa, Florida
Resident Tampa, Florida
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
College The University of South Florida, a Sociology major
Height 5’3″/160 cm
Weight 55 kg/125 lb
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Married 2015 – Dave Bautista, now separated
Children No
Profession Pole Dancer, Entrepreneur
College The University of Florida

Sarah Jade was born in 1987 on the 12th of December. She was raised in the town of Tampa, Florida. She graduated from the University of South Florida and had a degree in Sociology. Not much is known about her parents, siblings, and early life though.

We do know that she has dark brown hair and her love of pole dancing began at an age of 18. Her height is medium. She stands at 5 feet and has a really maintained body. Since she is a professional pole dancer, her weight is around 55 Kgs.

She has won many pole dancing competitions over the years and made a successful career and a lot of money from her work!


In the year 2012, Jade took part in Florida’s Pole Dancing Fitness championship and she won under the most athletic category in this competition.

Similarly, the next year she entered the competition again and won the same prize! These two wins really made her a star in the world of Pole Dancing. She kept on adding new skills and started learning even more.

Sarah learned pole dancing by herself and she got more and more projects as well. This was because of her hard work and her style.

She also took part in the USPDF amateur nationals in the year 2011 and 2012 and she got top positions in both years. In a really short time, she progressed and became an impressive pole dancer. Her passion turned into a full-fledged career.

Her other big achievements include winning the title of Miss Pole Dance America in the year 2016. She has turned her love for pole dancing into a business as well. She founded the Buttercup Pole Dance studio and has been working for it for a long time.

The studio is situated in Tampa Bay in Florida. The Buttercup studio used to be very small earlier. In 2011, it only had 900 sq ft of area. Later as business went booming, the space started to get smaller so, they had to expand and relocate.

The studio is quite big now. It is at least three times as big and offers a lot of classes and memberships. You can get monthly memberships and even unlimited ones! Drop-in Classes can also be figured out.

Sarah treats her customers and clients like family and fosters an incredible relationship with them. This has been her key to success. She has also started selling merchandise and this has given her a new layer of income.

Jade has devoted most of her time to the promotion of Pole Art. She has got enthusiastic learners as well. Her wish is to make people more knowledgeable.

Sarah Jade’s Husband Dave Bautista

Jade was married to Dave Bautista for a while. If you don’t know him, Dave is the former WWE superstar and the actor who played in hit movies like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

The two were married for more than two years and they currently live in Florida. Sarah is currently a brand ambassador for a company named Bad Kitty. She has also performed at many events such as the Florida Pole and Aerial Arts Showcase, Pole Show L.A., Miss Pole Dance America, and even Ink-N-Iron.

Relationship with Dave

We don’t know much about her other relationships but we do have an idea about her relationship with Dave Batista.

The two started dating quite a while ago. At this time, Dave already had two previous marriages with children and even grandchildren. The age gap between Dave and Sarah is 20 years but they still got together.

The couple was in love and they did not care about the age gap. Also, the two had so much in common. Both of them loved dogs and were fitness enthusiasts. This was the main reason why they got together.

But it did not last long. In the November of 2019, Dave announced that he was single again. He made the announcement on Twitter and got sympathy from a lot of his fans and friends. Later in an interview, Dave admitted to having split with Sarah. The exact reasons are unknown.

Net Worth

Sarah reportedly has a net worth that exceeds $200K. She runs a community-supported business which gets her by. In addition, she is a brand ambassador for many pole dancewear companies and this gets her money.

On the other hand. her ex-husband’s worth is around $16 million.

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