All About Don Rickles’ Wife Barbara Rickles (Bio, Net Worth, Career)

Barbara Rickles
Profession Actress
Husband Don Rickles

Barbara Rickles is a celebrity wife of Don Rickles. Her story has been really fascinating. Aside from her fame as a wife of a celebrity, Barbara herself has a career in the entertainment line.

Barbara has been described as a really great celebrity wife and perhaps the couple were the longest lasting one too. The relationship between the two was one of a kind and Barbara was praised by the media for holding the relationship down for that long.

The pair remained together for 50 years of marriage. Unfortunately, Don passed away after their 52nd anniversary. Still, being together for 50 years itself is a quite big thing. Barbara says that the time she had with her husband will always be close to her heart.


Barbara Rickles has actually managed to keep her birth date, birth day and information about her previous life a complete secret. Even after all these years we are still searching for more information about her.

We don’t know much about her life. This includes trivial things like her age, parents, siblings or where she went to school.

We are not completely oblivious though. We do know that she comes from Philadelphia and She is an American citizen.

She got married to Don Rickles later in life and followed his footstep by establishing a good enough career in acting.


Barbara Rickles has been features in a few TV shows over the years. Her acting career has been only okay. She has appeared with her late husband in different shows such as  Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, Don’s documentary and Mr. Warmth: The Rickles Project.

Before getting married to Don though, Barbara carried out some Administrative works as well. This lasted for more than three decades in fact. She worked as the personal assistant of her late husband’s agent. Quite a story, right?

Prior to getting married to Don Rickles, Barbara carried out some administrative works which lasted for over three decades including working as the personal assistant of her late husband’s agent.

Talking about her ex husband’s career Don Rickles achieved incredible success in his show business. The career spanned over six decades.

Don made appearances in many TV shows like The Rat Race, The Money Jungle, Redux Riding Hood and more. He played the famous role of Mr. Potato Head in the animated series Toy Story. In addition, Rickles had charm and ability to cater to a wide audience.

He is considered to be the best insult comic in the world. In fact, he is considered to be the Best Insult comic ever. He was won many awards and accolades such as Fairs Club Lifetime Achievement Award, The Johnny Carson Award, Primetime Emmy Award, among others.

Barbara Rickles Net Worth

While we don’t really have an exact estimate about Barbara’s worth, we do know exactly how much Don was worth. Don Rickles was worth around 30 million before his dead. Barbara inherited all the assets so, her net worth is also on the same range.

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