Was Bailey Breedlove kicked out of six flags over her shorts?

bailey breedlove

TikTok is a huge platform now and things can get viral quite soon. Just recently, a video when viral at the Six Flags in Oklahoma City. This drama took another turn when the Six Flags fark said that the park removed a guest because of her shorts.

The victim was Bailey Breedlove who was asked to leave the park because of her shorts. She said they were too short after her encounter with cops at the park went viral. Breedlove along with her daughter and boyfriend were escorted out of the park on the 30th of April. She also claimed that she was slapped with a 5-year band and since she has filed a case with the Oklahoma PD. As Bailey is a young girl, she also used TikTok and Facebook to draw attention to her situation.

Bailey’s Mother’s reaction to the Incident


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Bailey’s mother said that at 7 PM, her daughter was yelled at by a police officer in the park. She was yelled for rolling down a hill on her Heelies. Her mother was holding her hand. After that, The police proceeded to follow bailey and told her that her shorts were far too short.

Bailey is also autistic and she has a hard time talking to officers so, she walked to her boyfriend. The police followed her and called for Back Up. When this happened, the manager of the Park showed on and started to body shame Bailey.

According to Bailey, the Manager was rude and she was scared that she would have to go to jail for wearing shorts. The park also said that the shorts were the reason why Breedlove was in trouble.

The park released a statement where they said that the guest (Breedlove) was given multiple chances to cover her exposed buttocks. But Breedlove refused. And in return, Breedlove used profanity and offensive language against the park officials. The video that went viral does not show the full picture. This was the response of the park which could be very much true.

New Angle from Six Flags

Right now, Six Flags is using a different angle entirely. In a statement they put out on Twitter, the park makes no mention of the shorts. In fact, they say that Breedlove was stopped because of her behavior towards the police and the other guests in the park. They also said that the body-shaming allegation against the park is false. This made Twitter go crazy and they started to slam Six Flags for their completely different angle. Perhaps Breedlove will sue the park in the future.

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