All About Hugh Jackman’s Daughter – Ava Eliot Jackman (Biography, Age)

Ava Eliot Jackman
Date of Birth 2005
Profession Student
Father Hugh Jackman

If you are a fan of Hugh Jackman, you might know Ava Eliot Jackman. She is the adopted daughter of Hugh. Ava has gained popularity for exactly that.

For being the adopted daughter of a high profile Hollywood  celebrity couple. Her mother is Deborra Lee Furness.

Who is her father Hugh Jackman?

hugh jackman with ava eliot jackman

Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor who became famous when Fox casted him as Wolverine in the X-Men film series.

He played the role of Wolverine since 2000. Hugh really took this role and made it his own. Jackman was wolverine for 18 years. His final wolverine appearance was in the film called “Logan.”

Hugh Jackman holds the Guinness World Record for the longest career in a Live Action Marvel Superhero. Right now, Hugh has gained widespread acclaim for his performances in films such as   “Kate & Leopold”, “Van Helsing”, and “The Prestige”.

Hugh Jackman also worked on “The Fountain” and followed that film with another film titled Australia. He was also praised for his great performance in “Les Miserables.” The film is based on a French novel.

Jackman’s performances have earned him a Golden Globe award for Best Actor and he was also nominated for an Oscar award.

In addition, Jackman got a Grammy for his performance in The Greatest Showman. He also received a lot of praise for The Boy from Oz.

While Hugh is primarily an actor, he has also been a host of many award functions such as Tony Awards, Emmy Awards and even the Oscars.


Ava Eliot was born in 2005. She was born in America and her biological parents were German and Mexica.

Hugh and Deborra adopted Eliot in 2005. The two decided to adopt a child because they couldn’t conceive a child naturally. They also couldn’t conceive with the help of IVF.

As we discussed, Ava Eliot is part Mexican and part German but she was born in America. Her parents suffered two miscarriages so, they couldn’t have children.

Hugh didn’t want to risk the health of Deborra so, they adopted instead. Ava is actually the second adopted child. They previously adopted a boy named Oscar.

Ava has grown into the Jackman family and has gained a lot of love from them. She is very interested in dancing but she is still very young to have any career.

The Jackman couple have really kept Ava away from the spotlight of Hollywood. She has made headlines because of many trips the family has taken though. They were caught in a riptide actually once. This made major headline.

Talking about her relationships, well Ava is barely 15 right now so, it’s too soon for her. Her parents, however, met on a TV show and were married in Melbourne.

Hugh Jackman is a Christian while we don’t know what religion Deborra follows. And Ava is very young to choose a religion by herself

Ava Eliot Net Worth

Ava is just 15 right now so, we don’t really have any way to measure her net worth. We do know that her parents are very rich and The Jackman family lives a pretty lavish and happy life.


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