Billionaire Warren Buffett wife, Astrid Menks was Waiter

Astrid Menks with Warren Buffett

Astrid Menks is the wife of famous businessman and billionaire Warren Buffett. Being the wife of a billionaire she has managed to keep her life with simple living and taking care of her home and family.

Astrid is the second wife of Warren she was married to Warren after his first wife’s died. Lots of people know about the great investor Warren but not about Astrid so, in this article we are going to learn about her.

Who is Astrid Menks?

Full Name: Astrid Menks
Birth Date: 1946
Birth Place: Latvia
Height / How tall: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m)
Nationality: American
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Husband: Warren Buffett (m. 2006)
Profession: Philanthropist
Eye Color: Brown

Astrid was born in 1946 and her birthplace is in Latvia a small country in Europe. There is no information available about her past life and also about her family but what we know is she grew up in her country Latvia.

Search for a job she came to American to pursue the American dream and started to live her life over there. After she came to the USA, she started to work as a waitress where she met Warren Buffett.

Astrid and Buffett Love Life

The 1970s time was a boom era for Warren because he was started to make tons of money from his investing business and at that time he was very busy which made his relationship with his first wife get cold.

Being too much busy his success was overheating for her so, she started to live her own life in her own way. Her name was Susan Buffett who was died in 2004.

Due to this, they started to live separate lives and Susan started to pursue her career as a singer but news report has said that they used to meet often and also spotted by media many times on the events.

Susan used to live on her own in San Francisco and she ordered some maids to take care of the old Warren, where Menks used to serve him soup and take care of Buffett. After taking care of him for a year Menks started to live with Buffett, but she was sure that Warren was not so easy guy and his love for Susan has not even changed a single.

The book written by Roger Lowenstein has written, “From the day she moved in, Astrid knew that Buffett did not envision remarrying and that he was still attached to his wife. She made a home for him, yet she would see him off with neatly laundered shirts when he left town to be with Susie.”

Susan used to travel all over the world and she started to do charity works and focus on the causes like population, Contraceptives, and safe abortion programs. But on the other side, Astrid Menks was taking care of Warren which them very close with each other.

Warren Buffett and Astrid Menks marriage

After getting old Susan got weak and she used to get sick frequently due to this Warren used to visit her every weekend at her house based in San Francisco. On her last days, she marked her name as the 17th richest woman in the world at that time.

Menks was living together with Warren for more than four decades taking care of her and after the death of Susan, they made their relationship life to married life in 2006. When they got married at that time Menks was 60 years old and Buffett was 76 years old.

Their marriage ceremony was held in private and no people were invited except some of his close family members, close friends, and some businessmen.

Where is Astrid now?

Astrid is now a married woman and she enjoyed a happy life with her husband while residing with Warren at Omaha which was built in 1958. Warren has three children with Susan and their name is Susan Alice Buffet, Peter Buffet, and Howard Buffet.

After the death of Susan, Astrid took the role of her on charity works started by her Warren and she is also a famous antique collector known for collecting old watches and old equipment.

Astrid’s relationship with their step-children is very good and they are very close with each other and also love each other.

Menks and Susan were friends

Menks and Susan
UNITED STATES – JULY 14: Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., foreground left, and Susie Buffett, right, walk to the morning sessions at the annual Allen and Co. Media and Technology Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho on Friday, July 14, 2006. (Photo by Matthew Staver/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

All this relationship story began from the French cafe where Susan and Astrid used to work as waitresses and singers at a nightclub. At first, Warren got attracted to Susan and they started to live a relationship later he began to fall in love with Menk.

Susan and Menk used to be good friends and they used to know each other from the beginning. When Menk falls in love with Warren she always respects their love and marriage life and also tried to never enter into their personal matter.

Later, Susan moved to San Franciso and she gave all her husband’s responsibility to Menk. Their bond was very good because on Christmas they sent cards to everyone with three names of their on the card.

The love story of Menks and Buffett is amazing because being an immigrant from a small country who came to the USA and married one of the wealthiest men in the world is only what we can see in movies. Their love story also inspires that real love doesn’t have ages nor it has can be stopped by money.

Astrid waited for more than 40 years without interfering with Susan and Buffett’s life and she also married her only after the death of Susan.

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