Who Is Peepeepoopoogangnamstyle aka Ashley Matheson?

ashley matheson

Today for those people who want to be influencers or models have a big opportunity and that opportunity is social media. Yes, as we all know we can use social media to become an influencer or models and many people have become one as well.

Who does not know about Bella Poarch she became viral after she created a video on Tiktok with Soph Aspin Send or M to the B sound and went viral. After that, she became huge and is regarded as a top influencer today.

In this piece of article, we will be talking about someone who also got famous on social media. Ashley Matheson who is popular by the name peepeepoopoogangnamstyle also became famous through Tiktok, let’s get to know more about her today.

Short Biography of Ashley Matheson (peepeepoopoogangnamstyle)

Ashley was born on July 20, 2001, in Ottawa, Canada, making her Leo. As she was born in Canada she holds a Canadian nationality. Ashley is a beautiful woman who is 5ft 8 inches tall and she has half blonde half dark hair with a pair of beautiful grey eyes.

This is the only information we have on her besides this we don’t know anything about her as there is not much information available on the internet. We don’t know about her parents, we don’t know if she has siblings, we don’t know if she has a boyfriend or not.

Her Social Media Presence


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She is pretty much active and available on major social media like Instagram and Tiktok. On Instagram, she is active by the username smashed and has more than 500k followers, similarly, on Tiktok she is active by the username smashed and has more than 6 million followers with more than 170 million likes.

She is also active on Snapchat with the same username smashed but we don’t know how many subscribers she has we don’t even know if we can see how many subscribers someone has as we don’t use Snapchat.

As per the reports, she also had a Reddit account but in March this year she posted something that violated the third party copyright law of Reddit and as a result, her account got banned or deleted.

She also has a Youtube account and she joined Youtube back on March 13, 2014, and she only has six videos and she has more than 14k followers on her channel.

She posts various pictures and videos of her on her social media accounts and people really like them well there are also those who criticize people for everything but there are people who like her more than people who criticize her.

How Much Does She Earn? (Her Net Worth)

Just like I said earlier there is not much information available on her so we don’t really know how much she earns or how much her net worth is but on her Instagram bio there are three brands she has put links of and we guess that she models for them and she also earns from her Tiktok as she has more than 6 million followers and has many views and likes.

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