Ashlen Diaz – All About Post Malone’s Ex-Girlfriend

Ashlen Diaz
Date of Birth December 19, 1995
Profession Musical Artist Manager
Ex-Boyfriend Post Malone
Net Worth $500,000

Ashlen Diaz is a American music promoter and she is also a musical artist manager. And she also came in popularity due to her ex-boyfriend Post Malone.

It also sounds that they dated for about three years, until they did break up in 2018.

Who is Ashlen Diaz?

Ashlen was born on December 19, 1995. And her birth place was Dallas, Texas.

Ashlen Diaz is an American and she has a Spanish ancestry. And she has a flexible, energetic as well as curious personality. And we don’t have any information about her parents, past life or about her siblings.

Her full name is Ashlen Nicole Diaz. One time she also mentioned that she was suffering from anxiety and she is also a pretty shy lady. Later, she also tried a lot to over come this anxiety situation.

How did Ashlen and Post Malone Meet?

Ashlen Diaz with Post Malone

This is a interesting question among the Post Malone fans. Everybody wants to know how this American rapper, producer, singer and also a sing writer fall in love with this lady.

Post Malone is a very famous singer and his song has also viewed billion times on Youtube as well.

In my case, I personally, love the Congratulations song which was also master piece by Post Malone.

On other side Ashlen Diaz is also a popular music promoter and she also work as a arranging events for successful musician. At the time she also met with Post Malone where they started to love each other and fell in love.

They has always maintained to keep their relationship low profile and far from media attention. Anyway, Post has a grand success on music industry so, he never had chance to hide his relationship from media.

While Post was on his struggle days on 2015. This girl helped him a lot to maintain his shows and managing his events.

But sadly, they did breakup in November 2018, this ended their relationship and they did break up.

Post Malone wrote a song for her

A lots of fans believe that Post has written a beautiful love song for Ashlen Diaz. But he has never made any claim or any reference for this point.

Anyway,  fans believed that “Deja Vu” song was written for Asheln Diaz and this song was part of his album Stoney.

After Breakup

When they did break up on 2018 November, Ashlen started to delete a photos on Instagram where Post Malone was also presented.

Many sources said that this breakup was done on mutual understand however, this breakup hit Ashlen very hard that gone into depression.

There was a interesting controversy when she started to delete photos on social medias. After,  their breakup Malone was seen with some unknown girls.

Malone and Ashlen has done many times

This couple has done breakup many times in past also, but they get patch up again and again they do break up.

But this time break up has stand for long time. But many fans are still assuming and waiting to get patch up this couple.

Although, Malone is already dating with Korean lady who is also a famous singer MLMA. On February 2019, Post also blamed some of his fans who is hurting on his new relation and looks like those fans are not happy with current girlfriend of Post Malone.

Ashlen Body Measurement: Height, Weight, Figure

She stands for about 5 feet and 6 inches on height. Which is also a very impressive height among girls. And we also know that she is of slim figure like 55 kg on weight measurement.

She has a dark skin and beautiful round face and she got a tattoo on her leg.

Ashlen Diaz Net Worth

Ashlen turned 25 in 2020. So, there is lots of success on her progress is still waiting for her. But many sources claimed that she has a net worth of $500,000.

Anyway, there is still a lot of time for Ashlen to grow her net worth.


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