Who is an American actor, Aria Shahghasemi?

Aria Shahghasemi

There are many actors in Hollywood that become famous after a long career of small appearances in budget productions. Despite that, they keep at it and become extensively famous in their career. Aria Shahghasemi became famous after his short-lived role in the show Unforgettable. He had played the role of Davis Bennett in the show. The show aired in 2015.

So, what has been Aria’s life and career like? Let us find out.

Who is Aria Shahghasemi?

Aria Shahghasemi was born in the year 1996 in the state of Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States of America. Aria’s parents migrated to the United States from Iran.

Aria is a very private person so, all information about his parents’ early life is not available. He also refrains from posting any personal data about his life on Social Media accounts.

Anyway, he went to college for studying Fine Arts after his school. He went to study Art and Theatre at Southern Oregon University, New York.

When his degree ended, he then attended the New York Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre to get a degree in Acting. He completed school in the year 2015. After that, Aria started to work as a Bartender in top restaurants in New York to support his school life. Aside from working as a waiter, Aria also worked as a production assistant when he filmed for Wackademia.

His Acting career


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Aria has worked as a bartender in lounges in New York. He specializes in seafood, cocktails, and fine dining. In this environment, Aria learned about the Spirit Industry and he has been in charge of keg changing, restocking, and even security. As a waiter, his responsibility was to serve guests and offload supplies. He did this job quite impressively as well. He also spent a summer working as a Carpenter.

Aria made his mark in Hollywood as a rising actor. Aria’s debut came in the filmmaking industry when he got the role of Davis Bennet in ‘Unforgettable.’ This show premiered in 2015.

The following year, Aria became famous after being featured in a drama series titled “Law and Order.” Aria also played a minor role in a short documentary titled ‘Accent’ed.’

But he became truly famous when he starred as Vet Tech and Elias Santoro in the highly ranked “Instinct” TV series and “No Alternative” movie. Both of these roles are of high value.

In 2018, he became even more popular with his performances as Landon Kirby in the television show, “The Originals.” He was in this show along with star actors such as Claire Holt, Daniel Gillies, and Joseph Morgan.

Aria Shahghasemi recently portrayed Landon Kirby in the supernatural, mystical series named “Legacies.” In this show, he stars with the cast of Danielle Rose Russell, Zach Roerig, Quincy Fouse, Matthew Davis, and Peyton Alex Smith. In addition to movies and TV shows, Aria has also done sketches and theatre. He actually holds a significant number of Theatrical Credits. He played in a play titled ‘Hamlet’ where he played the character of Laertes, Ophelia’s sister.

Relationship Life

Aria is a big celebrity now but he has maintained a low profile. His personal life is quite private. There have been reports of him linking up with many female artists but most of the claims are not really that significant. The most recent rumor was Aria’s link with Danielle Rose but this turned out to be a false claim. While he is totally single today, he might get into a relationship in the future.

His career has been professional to date. He prefers to keep it that way. This secrecy has also helped him in general.  Aria has also not publicly declared if he is in a relationship or not. But we truly think that Aria Shahghasemi is single.

How much is Aria Shahghasemi Worth?

Aria Shahghasemi is a rising star who has a significant amount of compensation package for his many performances. If the rumors are true, he has an extended net worth that is around 2 million dollars in the low end. He makes over $70,000 per year from his acting credits. He also has endorsements and other packages to boost his overall net worth.

Social Media Presence


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Aria is quite active on social media. He is especially a huge deal on Instagram. He doesn’t have a Twitter and a Facebook account though. The 23-year-old star has managed to gain more than 85K followers on Instagram. His online presence is solid but his engagement is not that great. Aria is a private person so, he seldom posts about his life.  His social media though has some professional experiences.

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