Who is Aretha Franklin’s son, Teddy Richards?

teddy richards

Teddy Richards is a famous and talented artist who has already worked with many bands as a guitarist. Besides this, he worked as a singer, bandleader, and songwriter with over two decades spent in the musical field he has made his name as a reputed guitarist.

With this much legacy, this man is still famous for being Aretha Franklin’s son, which is known as one of the Queens of soulful music. But in this article, we will learn about Teddy and his life in detail.

Who is Teddy Richards?

Name Teddy Richards
Birthday February 1964
Age 56
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Singer
Parents Aretha Frankin and Ted White
Married/Single Married
Education Michigan State University
Twitter @teddyrichards1

Teddy’s father name is Ted White and his mother’s name is Aretha Franklin, his father Ted used to work as a manager for Aretha on her hit days. When his parents got married Areth was just 18 years old at that time and they live a happy married life for only eight years before they did divorce in 1969.

As per the report, it was found that the main cause of their divorce was domestic violence which worsens their relationship more than anything.

After their separation, Richards started to live with his mother and he was raised well by his mother. Teddy doesn’t have any good memories with his father since he left the family when Teddy was very young.

Cause of his mother death

aretha franklin

Aretha died when she was 76 years old and her death happened on August 16, 2018, which made a million fans of her desperate. Her cause of death was malignant pancreatic neuroendocrine. At her funeral, lots of fans were gathered along with world superstars to say goodbye.

Teddy Eary Life

Teddy is 57 years old by now and he was born in 1964 and his birthplace is in Detroit, Michigan. Most of his time was spent in Detroit and he also completed his high school at East Detroit High School. Whereas, Teddy completed his education at the University of Michigan-Flint. Talking about his ethnicity is Afro-American but his nationality is American.

He Has Half-Siblings

Teddy Richards has three half-siblings and all of them were half-brothers from his mother’s other relations. Among his half-siblings, his mom gave birth to her first son named Clarence and her second child name is Edward Derone Franklin who was born on August 31, 1957.

The biological father of Teddy’s half-siblings remained unknown to the world and many fans of Aretha believed that Donald Burk can be their biological father. But in 2019, it was proved that the father of there is Edward Jordan.

Whereas, he another half-brother Kecalf Cunningham who was born from his mother relation with Ken Cunningham

Teddy Richards’ Career

Teddy was born in a musical environment because his mother was one of the greatest singers and he also followed in his mother’s footsteps.

Talking with The Katz Tapes she once said about her kids that, “My youngest son, Kecalf is a hip-hopper. And my other son, Teddy, plays guitar. He plays in my band and he’s been doing some things lately with some musicians over in London. He sings, too, and he’s looking for his own record deal.”

Teddy was also one of the guitarists who worked on his mother’s concert backstage.

He also once said, “I’ve evolved from a self-taught guitarist into a producer, engineer, and accomplished tunesmith; I truly love music and enjoy the journey that it’s taken me on.”

Besides this, he has also has released three albums already and the name of the albums are Love Will Be ThereIn Your GardenKeep Our Love Alive, and Panic In Detroit.

His work as Guitarist

Teddy has worked as a guitarist for many musical bands and groups including some of the very established bands like Seal, The Verve Pipe, Lenny Kravitz, INXS, and Fishbone.

He has also played guitar for many other festivals and programs as well. Also, as we already mention he has written music collaborating with Andrew Farriss, Gabriel Gordon, and Carlos Alomar.

In his days, he performed with lots of bands and also did tours in many countries and all over Europe including Switzerland, Germany, and many other nations.

But now it has been found that Richard is working at Hollister Co., a clothing store.

Is Teddy Richards Married?

Teddy’s personal information related to his married life has been kept secret so, there is no proof or anything we know about his married life. But looking at his social media profile there is written Single on his profile which means he can be single and ready to mingle.

Looking on his page it has written: “single, ready to mingle, looking for sexy Nigerian ladies.”

Net Worth

As per the report, his net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million and most of his income came from his musical career but taking about his mother’s net worth it is around $80 million.

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