Who is Aretha Franklin’s Son, Kecalf Cunningham?

Kecalf Cunningham

Kecalf Cunningham is a pretty famous musician in the world of Music and especially Hip-Hop. While he is foremost a musician, he became a Christian Rapper later on his career, the first of its kind actually. So, his artistry was quite unique for the time and with great performances, he has gained a large fan base in America.

Son of Aretha Franklin

In addition to being a Musician, Kecalf is also the youngest son of the late singer and songwriter named Aretha Franklin. Kecalf started his musical journey as a Musician but then later switched to being a rapper. His main influence was his mother.

Kecalf was born in the year 1970 in the USA. His parents are Aretha and Ken, Kecalf is of black ethnicity.  In addition to having a famous mother, his grandparents were well known too. From his mother’s side, he is the grandson of Willie and Rachel Walker. Similarly, Emma, Carolyin and Carl are his maternal aunts. So, he belongs to a family of artists!

Kecalf doesn’t have a biological sibling but he does have there half-siblings named Clarence, Edward and Teddy, We don’t have any information about his educational prowess or qualification though.

Happily Married for a long time

Kecalf is currently 51 years of age and he is married right now. He has been married for a long time to his former girlfriend (current wife), Kati Franklin.

Aside from the name though, not much is known about Kati. The couple do have six children though. They have got 5 daughters and a son. The children are all grown in 2021 and they are all healthy and live a good life.

Cunningham’s daughter Victoria has followed the traditional family business of being singers so, she is a good singer and a composer. She performs for her family every year. In the same way, Kecalf’s son Jordan is a music producer and his youngest daughter is just 12 right now.  We don’t know much about his other children though. Most of them have remained private.

And add to that, Cunningham is quite old school so, he is not on Social Media. Therefore, it is next to impossible to  know more about him.

About Kecalf’s mother, Late Singer Aretha Franklin

kecalf cunningham with Aretha Franklin

Kecalf’s mother, as we mentioned is Aretha Franklin. Franklin was born on march 25, 1945. She became an incredible singer during her time but more than her work, her relationships have been quite famous.

She had a really good life as she was quite a catch. Having been in some intimate relationships with around six men, she married only two. Similarly, she dated many artists as well as musicians.

Her first relationship was with Edward Jordan with whom she has two sons. They broke up after getting married though. After that she got with Ted White. She met ted at a party in 1954 but they got separated in 1968. They had a son together too,

After this divorce, Aretha married Glynn Turman in 1978 but four years after this, they got divorced. But this time, she did not have any children with Glynn.

A while later, she had an affair with Dennis Edwards (who was famous for being the frontman of the band The Temptations). But this did not last long.

After that, she finally got into a relationship with Ken with whom she had Kecalf Cunningham. Many years later, She got engaged to Wilie Wikerson but she did not marry him at all.

Aretha had a strong personality and she had many children and grandchildren. She finally left the world in 2018. Her death came because of Pancreatic Cancer. She died at the age of 76.

Kecalf Cunningham’s Parents were never married

Aretha loved Ken and they were together after she divorced her second husband. Ken was a road manager at this time. They had a good run together for some years. This connection was broken after a while though and they broke up without marrying with each other. Kecalf was born but he did not really have parents that were married to each other. He was he result of an affair.

How much is Kecalf Net Worth?

Since Kecalf himself is a musician, he earns a good amount of money. His profession is quite lucrative these days and rappers make a lot of money. Kecalf’s unique discography and assets have made him more than $1 million in net worth. He is doing well for himself and lives a comfortable life.

His late mother, Aretha, on the other hand is quite a big singer and songwriter. She has had an incredible career with chart topping hits such as “Queen of Soul”, “Respect”, “I say a little prayer” and more. He has a net worth of more than $80 million at the time of her death. That money is kept safely in a foundation and it hasn’t been allocated to her children yet.

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