Who is Rick Steves’ Ex-Wife? Anne Steves (Net Worth, Career & More)

Anne Steves and Rick steves
Date of Birth Late 1950s
Profession Social activist
Relationship Divorced
Ex-Husband Rick Steves

If you are a fan of travel shows, you might know Anne Steves. She is the ex-wife of a famous American TV personality, Rick Steves. Rick is also known for his show called ‘Travels in Europe” which was aired in 1991.

Later his show called “Rick Steves’ Europe” aired in the year 2000. Anne is a really mystery figure for us because of her incredibly private life.

Who is Anne Steves Husband, Rick Steves?

Anne Steves Husband, Rick Steves

Rick Steves (full name Richard John Steves Jr.) is an author, travel writer, and a famous television personality. He is strangely known for his European travel guidebooks.

He is an American with Norwegian roots. Steves started his career by teaching travel classes to students. He also published the first edition of Europe Through the Back Door in the 1980s. Rick also made his way to the spotlight with a TV show called Travels in Europe.


Since Anne Steves leads a very private life, we do not know anything about her personal life, her parents, siblings or any other thing about her. We do know that she was born in the late 50s and she is devout Christian.


Anne Steves was a nurse and a social activist but there is not much information beyond that about her career. She became famous after marrying rick and she used to be on tour with him in Europe. Ricks Steves show premiered on September 3, 2000. Anne Steves is more of a homemaker and doesn’t have a profession right now.

Rick’s career on the other hand started when he studied non credit courses in the University of Washington. This let him travel the world and in the 80s he released a travelling guide for Europe.

After that, he opened a tourist center in Washington and also taught kids piano. His first television show began in 1991 and it was broadcasted till 1998. Rick also owns a website where he posts many useful travel tips for the world.


It seems like the couple were not able to save their marriage so, it ended in 2010. The request for divorce was already filed two years prior. The Snohomish Superior court in Anne’s birthplace was the official site of divorce.

The person who applied for the divorce is not yet known though. It is rumored that Rick filed for divorce.

After the divorce was settled, Anne completely got away from the show biz while Rick still presents his shows and travels to Europe. The do have children though and perhaps that is the only good thing about their marriage.

Net Worth

Anne Steves’ previous career before she married Rick Steves is not known till now. In addition, she is also not known to have involved in any other kind of profession after her marriage with Rick.

Because of this reason, Anne’s net worth is also a mystery as of 2020. On the flip side, her ex-husband has a net worth of around 10 million USD in 2021.

But we guess Anne also got a really good chunk of money from the divorce settlement. The alimony amount is not made public though. 

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