Who Is Jordan Belfort’s Partner, Anne Koppe?

Anne Koppe

Anne Koppe became famous after she started to date the former stockbroker Jordan Belfort. Jordan is generally known because of the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” which became a major hit.

Jordan Ross Belfort was originally the owner of a brokerage firm in the 90s. In the year 1999, Jordan was found guilty of his crimes related to the stock market and was sentenced to jail.

He ran a boiler room as a part of the penny stock scam which leads him to spend 22 months in jail.

But later he was released when he gave testimony against many crimes and fraud schemes anyway, he still owns a lot of money in the stock market though.

Anne was born in the year 1967 and her parents are Bruce and Hellen Koppe. Most of her childhood time was spent in California. As a child, she attended Marin Catholic High School which is located in Kentfield.

After high school, she went on to pursue her higher studies at the University of San Diego. Where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

Relationship with Jordan Belfort

anne koppe with Jordan Belfort

Anne and Jordan met around 2007 and this was right after Belfort got out of jail. As we stated above he was jailed because of his illegal dealings as a stock broker.

The pair have stayed strong ever since their relationship started and it has even been said that Koppe made effort to help Jordan start over in life.

Since then, she was given many interviews saying that Jordan changed is a changed man right now which really feels legitimate as well. The couple got engaged in the year 2015 and they are now living in their new home in Australia.

They live in the city of Brisbane and run a small business from there. Anne also has a son named Bowen from her previous marriage who is now studying business at Bond University.

Is She Still Jordan Belfort’s Partner?

Koppe and Belfort dated for more than four years after their meeting in 2008 and they also did engagement in 2012. Before their marriage, Belfort was already a father and his son’s name was Bowen Boullianne from Jordan’s previous marriage life.

Jordan was previously married to Denise Lombardo, but they did divorce just after some years of marriage life.

After the divorce Jordan married British model Nadine Caridi, they first met at a party but later this couple also got divorced in 2005, and the reason was domestic violence. Nadine accused Jordan as a drug addict and being careless to family members.

Once again after much of Jordan’s unsuccessful marriage life, he and Anne Koppe began to date in 2019, however, they are not married by now but they are already engaged. Lately, there has been no rumors and news about their personal life and issues between them.

Anne is a motivational speaker

Anne Koppe is a serial businesswoman and she does the work of managing the image as well as the career of Jordan Belfort.

She mainly does the nifty work of negotiation and the management-related tasks of her husband. Anne does motivational speeches through their company called Global Motivation.

What is Koppe’s net worth?

Speaking about her net worth, her work for Jordan Belfort has made her a good deal of money. Koppe is currently living a pretty lavish life with Jordan.

She is a businesswoman who helps Jordan run his business in California where he trains young people. While the exact details about her income are not really known, it is estimated that the income lies somewhere in the millions.

How much is Jordan Belfort’s net worth?

Jordan Belfort has an estimated net worth of $100 million. He is famous for being the founder of a financial brokerage firm called the Stratton Oakmont. Jordan founded this company in the 90s and he employed over 1000 brokers.

This helped him raise over 1 billion in assets. Later, Jordan was charged with securities fraud and money laundering. This made him serve 22 months in jail.

This also caused a wide-scale scam that wiped out $200 million dollars in investments. Jordan had to pay back more than $100 million dollars which he still hasn’t managed to pay back.

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