Who is Anne Hathaway’s husband Adam Shulman?

adam shulman with Anne Hathaway

Most of us had not heard of his name until he made headlines about dating Anne Hathaway. Since then most of us recognize him as her husband only. But many of us don’t know about him very much. So let’s discover about him more by reading this article.

Personal Details

He was born on April 2, 1981, in Brooklyn, New York. He is an American actor, producer as well as a jewelry designer. He is the only child of his father, Mark Shulman, and his mother Jacqueline Banks. He graduated with a degree in theatre from Brown University in 2003.

He is best known for appearing as Deputy Sheriff Enos Strate in the television movie ‘The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning’ and as Paul O’Bannon on NBC’s drama ‘American Dreams’.  He also starred in the television show ‘The West Wing’, the drama film “Ricki and the Flash” and the movie “The Gold Lunch”. It has been estimated that his gross net worth is about $1 million.

Love Story

Adam had a crush on Anne for a very long time. He finally got a chance to meet his crush at the Palm Springs Film Festival in 2008. They had love at first sight. Also, Anne had whispered to a mutual friend of theirs that she is going to marry him.

At first, they were both hesitant to take the first step as they both thought that the other was in a relationship. In the same year, Anne had broken up with Raffaello Follieri. Raffaello was a bad person who had defrauded people, including priests, of millions of dollars.

Talking with Harper’s Bazaar, “The only thing I did was, to be honest with him. I knew I had found my soul mate as soon as I met him. Moreover, I knew I’d met him at the most awkward of times … I took him out for a hilarious joyride… He never hurt me.”

Although it was not the best time for her, she took the first step, and now they are a married couple.


Anne was spotted wearing a ring on her fingers on November 28, 2011. Her rep also confirmed that they were engaged to Us Weekly. That ring was designed by non-other than her husband with celeb jeweler Greg Kwiat.

On September 29, 2012, they held a private marriage at a private home in Big Sur, California. The exact location was hidden from their guests as well. There were more than 150 guests present at their marriage who had to wear bracelets and board shuttles.

The groom looked dashing in a traditional tuxedo and the bride wore a custom-made Valentino gown.  They had a Jewish wedding as Adam was raised in a family that upheld Jewish belief.

His Personality

He is a resourceful and charitable person. According to Adam’s jewelry brand’s website, the pieces are made handmade from recycled material. The jewelry is made in Northern California. All the money made from the sales was donated to the World of Children Awad in 2013. He also donated a unique pendant that took him 2 months to design with Heidi.

He is very down to earth and he randomly donates money to charitable organizations from time to time. Even though he is a celebrity he doesn’t mind riding scooters and do things ordinary Americans would do.

Talking with People he said, “We wanted, when people wore it, for it to look like a piece on its own, but the closer you get, you say ‘What is that?’ It incorporates children, world. It looks like a flower blooming, but up close it’s another thing. The concept of the key is, you put a key in and it unlocks. The key itself can’t work on its own, you need people – it’s a group effort. That’s what’s so beautiful about this organization, it’s not just one person.”


He loves his wife a lot. Whenever he is away from her, she feels as if her light has been taken away from her. She always lights up whenever Adam walks into a room, Which inspired him to make the “Lightkeeper” necklace.

Jonathan and Jack

His wife gave birth to their first child Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman on 24th March 2016. They were very happy after the successful delivery. Jonathan is a very cute and adorable child with a bright future.

Jonathan’s little brother was born later in November  2019. He is also a cutie pie. Anne had praised him for his great parenting skills in Entertainment Tonight.

Adam Shulman is William Shakespeare a Tiktok conspiracy


In these years the best place where people share their theories and rumors is from Tiktok. One theory has been found where people are saying that Adam looks similar to William Shakespeare who was already dead and also one of the famous English poets.

The more interesting thing as per the peoples are they not just look similar but their wife name is also similar, Anne Hathaway is the name of wife.

Some even thought that Adam Shulman is the new incarnation of William Shakespeare.

Once William said, “Life is short to love you only one, I promise to search for you in the next life” this quote many people also think that William is still searching for his next life in the form of Adam Shulman.

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