Where Is Jason Beghe Ex-Wife, Angie Janu Now?

Angie Janu

Angie Janu is a well-known actress in the entertainment industry and she is best known for work in the movie Too Good To Be True. But her popularity got even more boom after marrying Jason Beghe.

Her ex-husband Jason is a famous actor and has worked in many blockbuster movies, TV series. They are already separated and now living life in their own way, some media companies have stated that the reason for this couple’s divorce is due to sexual harassment to co-workers by Jason, while others state the violent nature of Jason towards his family.

Angie Janu has played in Too Good To Be True

Angie was born in 1960 and she is a native American, she completed her education in her hometown but there is no information released on the internet about her young life and family. Anyway, Angie Janu is now divorced but has two children.

Angie started her career as a model, this journey was not so easy for her. There is not so detailed information available about her career life but she got famous after getting her role in the movie Too Good To Be True.

After her role was loved by everybody her career was uplifted quickly giving her chances to play role in the famous American TV series Chicago P.D. On the other side, her husband Jason is popular due to his good acting roles as Hank Voight in the TV series Chicago P.D.

Angie Janu and Jason Beghe Love Life

They got married in 2000 while Angie was still struggling with her career but Jason was already established in the world of entertainment because he was in the entertainment industry from 1985.

Anyway, the couple fall in love in the late 90s and began to date shortly, just after some years of dating they tied the knot in 2000 and started to live as a family.

Their wedding was held in Los Angeles inviting some of the close friends and families. As far as we know some of the famous stars were also in the marriage ceremony including David Duchovny who is a famous director and classmate of Jason.

The couple enjoyed their love and marriage life greatly most of the time the couples were seen unseparated in awards and shows. Later in 2004, they were even blessed with a son named Brix and a later second son named Bear.

Angie’s husband was a Scientology supporter

After the couple got married they started to motivate each other making her husband follow the Church of Scientology. As Angie expected he started to follow Scientology joining various promotions and organizations activities.

Staying as a member for some years finally, Jason ruined the plan to stay as a Scientology member and left the society in 2007. This made trouble for Angie because Jason started to curse society and even criticized her publicly, she thought that her prestige will ruined due to her husband activities.

Jason Beghe said, “Scientology delivers what it promises under the guise of tearing away falsity, neuroses, psychoses. It creates a brainwashed, robotic version of you. It’s a ‘Matrix’ of you, so you’re communicating with people all the time using Scientology.”

Divorce and Demands

Sadly, After 16 years of marriage life, it was found that they were having problems with relationships. And in December 2017 they filed a divorce case, it was not a surprise because the media already started to publish about their relationship problems.

For lots of years, these couples were never in the eye of the media for any issues like many celebrities’ faces and they were living a peaceful life but all of sudden it was shocking news when Beghe filed a case against his wife.

The reason for their divorce was never made public but some speculations and rumors spread a different story. As per some cast crew of Chicago P.D., Jason showed inappropriate behaviors with his fellow workers and use sexually spoiled language, and tried to harass some girls showing bad behaviors to directors.

After they got divorced in 2017 and the news channels were flooded by the headline of the couple’s divorce. As per some media, Jason has demanded a physical joint of his two sons because after their split the sons were living with their mother.

Also, some news published that Jason Beghe was happy to pay for his spouse’s financial support if only he gets his properties in return. Jason has a lot of properties he has more than three houses which are worth more than $5 Million.

All these divorce disputes were finalized in 2020 and the case run for 3 years.

After the divorce settlement, Jason has to pay $16,700 US dollars a month for his ex-wife’s support and $14,200 for child support. Later, Angie and Jason also split their property in half which was located in Chicago and Malibu.

Bix Beghe Graduated from High School in 2021

Jason and Angie’s eldest son Bix has got graduated from high school in late June 2021 while his parents are on their own way and living their life as per their desires. Bix completed his high school education at Oak Christian High School.

Bix is in a relationship and he has maintained his Instagram account filled with his partner and outdoor activities. His brother Bear has just turned 15 and he is still on his school works. There is no further information or social media account of Bear so, we don’t have any information about him.

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