Jason Beghe Ex-Wife Angie Janu (Affairs, Net Worth, Divorce)

Angie Janu
Birthplace USA
Profession Model
Children 2
Ex-Husband Jason Beghe
Net Worth $1.5 Million

Angie Janu is a divorced woman. She is also known as Angeline Dawn. Angie is also a well known actress in entertainment industry and she is best known for a work in a movie Too Good To Be True.

After marrying Jason Beghe, she became very famous and then, every body started to search about her from all over the world.

Jason is a famous actor and he has worked in many blockbuster movies as well as some TV series. There are also many interesting facts and bio about her which we will try to explain in this article.


Angie Janu is now divorced and she has two child. We don’t have exact information about her birthdate but many sources claim that she was born in the 60s which is logical enough.

As far as the country of origin goes,  She was born in USA. Aside from this fact though, we don’t have any more information related to her family, siblings and parents.

Angie has a brown hair with beautiful hazel eyes. She has a charming body and good physical fitness as well. Angie Janu full name is Angeline Dawn Beghe.

Angie Janu Career

Angie started her career as a model. Before she was offered movies, She kept focused on her modelling career. She also did some Ad-films as well.

After her hard work she was offered to a movie Too Good To Be True. Where, her role was loved by everybody and she can also uplift her career on a right track from this movie.

But even the movie was popular she did not add any progress and also did not join any movies as well. She is only appeared on one TV series on episode.

In this movie she played a character of a girl named Silvia. So, she was already vanished from public eye.

Angie Janu and Jason Beghe Marriage

They both tied the knot in 2000. Jason Beghe is a famous actor who played on some famous movie like “Home Alone”, “Monkey Shines” and  even some popular TV series such as “Chicago P.D.” and many more.
Jason was very much popular for his acting on Chicago P.D. as Hank Voight.

Jason was on entertainment industry from 1985 as well. After their marriage, they got a two children with name Bix and Bo. Bix was born in 2003 and Bo was born in 2006.

After some time of marriage it is found that they are having problem with their relationship as well as marriage life too.

And in December 2017 they filed a divorce case, it was not a surprise because media already started to publish about their relation problems.

Divorce and Demands

After they got divorced in 2017. News channel was flooded by this couple divorce and according to one media company, Jason has demanded for a physical joint of his two sons. Because after their split the sons were living with their mother.

Also, many news published that Jason Beghe was happy to pay for his spouse financial support if only he get his properties in return.

Jason has a lots of properties. He has more than three houses which all are worth more than $1 Million each.

After divorce settlement, Jason has to pay $16,700 US dollars a month for his ex-wife support. So, you can guess Angie Janu is getting a good lump of sum per month for her personal use.

Angie Janu Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be have more than $1.5 Million. She has earned lots of money from her career. Angie Janu also made a lots of money from various advertisements as well.

She also demanded a lots of sum when she get divorced, whose net worth is estimated to be $9 Million.

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