Who is Angie Cuturic? Is She Married? Relationship with Ryan Dunn

Angie Cuturic
Date of Birth 1970
Profession Actress
Boyfriend Ryan Dunn
Net Worth $900,000


Angie Cuturic was the girlfriend of Ryan Dunn. Ryan was a star in the show called Jackass. He died in 2011.

Ryan worked as a talented stunt person, TV personality, actor, comedian and a star of the reality stunt show Jackass. Angie is currently an actress and she is known for Bam Margera’s Haggard and Minghags.

Who is Angie Cuturic?

Angie’s full name is Angie Maria Cuturic. She was born in the 1970s. We don’t know her exact birthyear and birth date though. She was born in the USA though.

He has a very private life and she is raised by her folks. We don’t have any data about her initial life though. We also don’t know what her ethnicity is. But she does hold an American nationality.

Angia Maria Cuturic was born to American Parents. She is a very private person and she was raised by her parents. We don’t know much information about her early life though.


Angie Starred in the movie named Haggard which was an independent comedy movie. This movie provided the story of reality TV personality Angie.

The film was also financed and produced by Bam Margera. Cuturic also took her part in Viva La Bam. Right now, Cuturic is living a conservative life.

Her boyfriend had an auto accident and he died. This made her very sad and depressed for a while.

Ryan had a very great career too. He took part in Jackass and released three big Jackass movies as well. After that, he also starred in Gumball 3000 road rally.

He went to tour with Don Vito. The DVD of the tour was released later. In addition, Dunn also did a radio interview with Big O which is a very big deal.

Dunn is also in successful movies such as Street Dreams. He has worked with Paul Rodriguez Jr and Dyrdek.

Dunn had an accident in 2001. He along with a production assistant Zachary Hartwell were killed when they were driving under influence. Their Porsche 911 GT3 went off the road and struck a tree. Then the car went into flames in West Goshen Township.

He died in Pennsylvania on June 20th, 2011.  We know they were drinking because Dunn had posted a photo where they were seen drinking at a bar just hours before the crash happened.

Relationship with Dunn

Angie was in a relationship with Ryan Matthew Dunn for a long time. The couple had been together since the year 2002. The couple also reportedly had an engagement done.

Dunn even made a wedding tattoo on his left finger and had ‘Angie’ tattooed on his arm. The pair have been in an open relationship for a long time now.

The couple were pretty close with each other during their relationship period. There were rumors that they might take their relationship to the next level soon but that did not really happen.

After a while, the accident happened and Ryan was killed in it. Angie hasn’t been in the media since. We don’t know if she is single or not right now.

Angie Cuturic Net Worth

Since we currently have no idea about her career, we cannot really predict Angie’s net worth. But we do know that she had decent career earlier. So, her net worth from that might be around $100,000.

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