Who Is Andrew Lincoln’s son Arthur Clutterbuck?

You all might have heard about the name Andrew Lincoln. He is a British actor who is known for his role as Rick Grimes in the AMC post-apocalyptic zombie horror series “The Walking Dead”.

But did you know that he is already married to Gael Anderson and he has two children Arthur and Matilda Clutterbuck? Even though he is one of the talented and famous actor he is notorious for keeping his family affair to himself only & which mostly includes his two children.

However, there is not much information about his son Arthur but there are some mentionable moments from the father-son duo that is worth reading. So, in this article, we will tell you to need t know about Arthur and his importance in deciding some of his father’s big steps. Let’s get started.

Who is Arthur Clutterbuck?

Arthur Clutterbuck was born n 2010 in London, England. He spent most of his childhood in Bath, Somerset along with his father and grandparents. There is no information about his educational qualification but we can assume that he must be in the elementary level.

His father was also born in London but later he moved to Hull with his parents for the patriarch’s job before settling in Bath. Unlike his father, his mother doesn’t involve herself personally. She used to work as a flutist in the past and has been credited for her rare work on the television series “Teachers”.

His paternal grandfather is a civil engineer and his grandmother was a South African psychiatric nurse. His maternal grandfather’s name is Jethro Tull’s frontman, Ian Anderson.

Arthur must be 12 years old and he is of mixed ethnicity i.e.  English, Irish, Scottish, Afrikaner, and his nationality is English.

His father’s stage name and how he met Arthur’s mother

Arthur and his elder sister don’t seem to have the same surname as their father which makes lots of people confused. Even though they are his biological children they don’t have the same surname Lincoln.

Well, that’s because Andrew’s real surname isn’t Lincoln it’s actually Andrew James Clutterbuck. The “LoveActually” star actually adopted Andrew Lincoln as his stage name when he was a student at the illustrious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Arthur’s parents have met each other during the set of the British television series “Teachers”. At that time Gael worked as a flutist and was credited for her work on the television series “Teachers”. And Lincoln had a direction gin in the series’ two episodes.

She was her hubby’s personal assistant when they first met in the early 2000s. After they got married on 10th June 2006, they welcomed two children, Matilda (born in 2007) and Arthur (born in 2010).

Time for me to come home

Many fans were shocked after the departure of 48-year -old Lincoln from “The Walking Dead” in 2018.  The Walking Dead series used to film shoot for over half the year in Georgia. And as we already know that Lincoln is an Englishman, he would have to spend roughly over eight months of the year slaying zombies in Georgia away from his family.

After the shooting was over, he used to travel back to the Costwolds where he eventually made it a goal to “try to be as present as he can be” for his family and friends. 

In September 2018, he decided to leave the AMC series to Comic Book and said, “I have two young children, and I live in a different country, and they become less portable as they get older. It was that simple. It was time for me to come home.”

Why did his father leave the Walking Dead?

The reason why Andrew left one of the popular TV series in basic cable history was because of his family and the distance between Lincoln’s former on-screen persona and his real life.

As mentioned above he used to stay away from his family for several months because of the shooting. So, he decided that it was time for him to somewhat reluctantly step away from the show as production on season 9 went underway.

He has stated that family means everything to him so after spending years’ worth of time away from his family, he thought it was time for him to come home. Later it was revealed that the man responsible for The Walking Dead on AMC had plans to exit the show as early as season 4.

So, he finally left the shoe after its ninth season and the ultimate reason for his departure was later revealed to be his children. He confirmed the news of his departure for the first time back in July 2018 at San Diego Comic-Con. However, the news of his departure from the show had been out in the open since May 2018.

Will his father be returning to The Walking Dead?

Even though Andrew left the show specially for his two children Arthur and Matilda, ironically they wanted him to get back to being Rick Grimes.

So, in May 2021, he explained that he would be returning to “The Walking Dead”. He said, “I’ve never missed America more than last year, actually — it’s quite interesting. And my children… I came back for my children and they’re like, ‘What are you doing? We want to go back to America, get your boots on, and start getting into the zombies!’ So there’s a certain sense that I’ve missed the character — I think he’s a magnificent character and I loved being Rick.”

He’s finally ready to come back as Rick Grimes in the finals season of The Walking Dead. If you are excited then please let us know in the comment section.

Unsettling for Arthur

When Andrew remained tried to remain true to “The Walking Dead” character as Rick Grimes off-camera, his children used to think their father was crazy. Even though the Boston Kckout actor wasn’t a method actor he used to borrow some tactics from the method acting playbook.

The tactics were simple he would speak in his character’s southern accent on and off set whenever a new season of “The Walking Dead” was in production. But, Arthur and Matilda didn’t understand and they would rather react confusingly.

In an interview, Andre revealed how his family react to him speaking with Rick Grime’s accent and told, “My wife and children think I’m bananas,” Lincoln told The Guardian. “It’s very unsettling for them because they don’t know who they’re talking to.”

Fascinated with the state of Georgia

Andrew has revealed that his son has developed a special relationship with Georgia, US in an interview. He said that Arthur wouldn’t let him leave England until it was Georgia.

He explained Arthur’s relationship with Georgia by saying, “I mean, the connection that we have to the land, to the place, to the people. Arthur — my 10-year-old son — won’t let me take a job unless it’s in Georgia now. He just misses it.”

In the interview, he also said that his son had continuously asked him to take him to the plate they lived on while he was doing the shooting for The Walking Dead.

He explained, “He goes, ‘Take me back there!’ I came back home for the kids, and now they’re sick of me, and I wish I’d never left. It was a terrible decision.”

Net Worth

Arthur’s father is a veteran actor who has been in the entertainment industry since the 1990s. Over the years he has played various characters on numerous television series and films.

It has been estimated that his net worth is over USD 16 million. He was able to earn such a large sum of money through his acting career and the fame he earned from “The Walking Dead” television series.

According to the Insiders, his salary was about USD 650k to as much as a million per episode of “The Walking Dead”. This is quite a lot as compared to his initial earning of the series as he used to make only USD 90k per episode.

Even though “The Walking Dead” series gave a massive boost to his career, he was already a successful actor as he was quite big in the UK before moving to the US.

So, we can say that Arthur must be living quite a lavish and comfortable life as all of his needs are easily fulfilled.

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