Will Andrew Garfield Return in The Amazing Spider-Man 3?

the amazing spiderman

Have you watched Spider-Man No Way Home yet? I guess most of us have already watched the movie but let’s not spoil anything from the movie to those who have not seen the movie.

So in the movie, we saw how Dr. Strange and Peter tampered with the multiverse and there are different universes where different versions of Peter Parker exist. We got to see the best Spider-Man movie of all time with the original cast members.

There is a lot to talk about but let’s just talk about Andrew’s Spider-Man, after the movie people are finally realizing how good Andrew is with this character and fans are asking Sony to make “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” but will there be the next Spider-Man movie? What’s the possibility?


Now the multiverse has been proved, if the movie producers want then they can simply create another universe for Andrew’s Spider-Man but will they? Well, that’s the big question but they never say never.

As far as I recall Sonic 2 was also possible because of the fans and as there is already the multiverse so it might be possible for Andrew to return as Spider-Man in his own Spider-Man movie.


As we all know Morbius is going to hit the theaters on January 28, 2022, and we all saw many easter eggs in its trailer, and we know that Morbius has Venom as well as Spider-Man in its universe but the question arises which Spider-Man is going to be in it?

There is a reference to each Spider-Man in Morbius’ trailer, we can see Tobey’s Spider-Man’s painting in-wall and we can see that Andrew’s universe’s Oscorp but we can also see Homecoming’s villain vulture so which Spider-Man is in Morbius’ universe?

Fans’ demanding to make The Amazing Spider-Man 3

If you go to the search bar of Twitter then you will find that Andrew is number one and fans all over the world are praising Andrew for his performance in the latest Spider-Man movie and they want Sony to make The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

If Sony makes Andrew’s Spider-Man movie then people will start to compare Tom’s and Andrew’s Spider-Man but who cares right? Most of us want Sony to make Andrew’s Spider-Man movie.

Make The Amazing Spider-Man 3 has now more than 40k retweets on Twitter and is trending so there is a chance of Sony making the new movie with Andrew but let us not get our hopes high as we don’t know for sure if it will happen or not.

Fans want to make The Amazing Spider-Man 3 happen trending worldwide on December 25th but it’s already trending in most countries and we all shall still support one of our beloved Spider-Man Andrew so let’s retweet the post and let the whole world know that we want The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to happen.

Andrew Will Fight Venom?

Since both Andrew’s Spider-Man and Venom are in the Sony universe there is a high chance for them to face each other and we all know that Marvel is known for giving off hints like Electro giving hints to Miles in the movie.

Similarly, when all three of the Spider-Man talks about the villans they have fought Tobey and Tom both say that they have fought alien and Andrew says that he also wants to fight an alien and there are even rumors that producers are now planning or thinking to make a new movie with Andrew’s Spider-Man so let’s just wait and we will bring you the update as soon as we get the news.

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