All About Grant Gustin’s Wife – Andrea Thoma (Bio, Net Worth)

Grant Gustin with Andrea Thoma
Birth Place USA
Profession Fitness Coach
Husband Grant Gustin
instagram @lathoma3

Andrea Thoma is a physical therapeutic but she is a popular due to being ‘The Flash’ Grant Gustin Wife.

Grant Gustin is an American actor who came in public eye due to his role as a Barry Allen in ‘The Flash‘. He has also played on other popular movies as well as movie series like, Arrow, Super Girl and many more.

When we watch The Flash, we can see that Candice Patton and Grant getting married. So, many fans thinks that if they are a real life couple. But Grant real wife is Andrea La Thoma. Their relationship has been kept private and far from media attention.

Maybe this couple doesn’t want any kind of attention from media or public and always want to live a very secretive life.

Doctor Fell in Love with an Actor

In our society we can see that people are getting married with same profession, in most case doctor get married with doctor and actor with actress. But this couple are not getting married with same profession.

While Grant was on peak of his career playing roles for ‘The Flash’, ‘Arrow’, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.

On the other side, Andrea was on her own way to achieve her goal as a physical therapist after graduating from “Kent State University” as ‘Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology.’

This couple met on December 23, 2016 at a dinner party. The dinner party was hosted by “Sabah Tourism Board.” On the party when this couple saw each other they instantly fell in love with each other.

Andrea Thought Grant’s Proposal Was Joke

Andrea and Grant started to date in 2016 and Gustin planned to propose her. At that time Gustin was at Costa Rica with Andrea Thoma for his movie set and he was planning to propose her over there.

But due to various condition, the movie set plan was postponed and the plan was cancelled for Costa Rica.

If you watch the video, He told Conan O’Brien that;

“We worked on the beach, I forget engagement ring which was in my backpack. Later when we were sitting on the beach after, I thought she saw it. But it turns out she hadn’t seen the ring.”

After Grant first plan was failed, Grant was so excited that he don’t want to wait more. Anyway at last, this guy planned to propose the beautiful lady at any cost and he started to plan about it to make a surprise.

But no worries, nothing went wrong but it ended on a beautiful and as a planned way.

Andrea and Grant’s Two Marriage Ceremonies

Andrea and Grant’s first marriage was took in Malaysia which is also a Andrea homeland. Grant plan this place as a ceremony to please Andrea and her family relatives, from this sense we can know that he loves her too much.

Grant also stated about the ceremony from his personal Instagram account, where he also said that it was very glad moment and he had a best time with Andrea’s family.

Talking with Anna Faris is Unqualified at her podcast, Andrea said that the couple were technically married, but they had not signed any legal document to prove their marriage.

So, later the couple got married officially at The Valentine in downtown, Los Angeles. And their marriage took at December 15, 2018.

Talking with E!, they described that the wedding was very beautiful, because they were surrounded by their close friends and family.

She is a Fitness Coach

Andrea is a famous fitness coach and her popularity increase by more times when she marriage Grant Gustin.

She was also a good football player and she was considered as a star of woman football team. After her graduation she studied from Kent State University, where she learned about Exercise Physiology,

Before earning her degree in bachelor she used to work as a physical therapist in Virginia and Connecticut. From her Instagram account, you can learn about fitness tips and short videos related to it from her posts and she also got her official YouTube account.

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