Who Is Chris Brown’s Young Baby Mom Ammika Harris?

Ammika Harris

Ammika Harris is an American model and she is also the ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown. Her fame grew so much that she has over 1.1 Million+ followers on her Instagram and the main reason for this is her relationship with Chris Brown.

She was listed as one of the most popular celebrities of the time and has earned the title of the popular influencer who was born in May.

Who is Ammika Harris?

Ammika Harris was born in 1993, and her birthplace was in Atlanta, the USA making her nationality an American and her ethnicity is Blasian. She is a mix of Asian, American, and African because her mom was born in Thailand and her dad was from black ethnicity making her appearances very cute and charming.

Chris Brown and Ammika Harris were in a relationship and their relationship began in 2015, at the same time Chris Brown was dating his ex-girlfriend named Karrueche Tran.  They have never talked about their relationship but it is clear that this couple has shared a romantic life and also a baby together.

In January 2019, this couple was also spotted in Paris where they were spending their time together where Chris Brown was accused of molestations at a local hotel in Paris by an unknown lady. Later, the Police arrested him but quickly everything was resolved and he was set free.

Chris Brown’s Past Relationships

Chris has dated some women and girls in the past including high-profile celebrities like Rihanna but their relationship ended in 2009 when it was heard complained that Rihanna was beaten by Chris Brown.

Also, both of them were involved in domestic violence which was happened just the night before of Grammy Awards in 2009. They had a fight and resulted in Rihanna with facial and many more injuries over her body. Since then this relationship was completely broken they never ever did reunite after this incident.

This relationship was fall after that he began to start a new relationship with Karrueche Tran, but once again they had a breakup and Chris Brown wanted to continue his new and fresh relationship with Rihanna once again but they did not reunite.

At the time Chris was in a relationship with Nia Guzman where they also welcomed a new baby girl and named it Royalty Brown but once again the relationship was failing and he fall in love with another girl named Ammika Harris.

Chris Brown’s Relationship With Ammika Harris

As we already stated that this couple welcomed their new baby boy and did a breakup. But it looks like now they are on a fresh new start because Chris Brown wanted to raise his son very well along with his daughter Royalty.

They did a family trip to New Mexico together along with Aeko, Ammika, and Royalty but Chris returned back from vacation very soon due to his work in Los Angeles. Anyway, it looks like this couple is actively involved in raising their kids.

Ammika Harris Accused of Lying

Ammika calls herself half black and half Asian but the fans of Chris Brown have never believed in her words instead she was accused of hiding her identity. As per some sources, they said that both of her parents are Asian and were born in Thailand.

And rumors also say that her real name is Ammika Suryapan but later moving to Germany her mother got married to a German guy and she changed her surname to Harris to look more like an American.

There was no reason to be trolled and accused but Ammika lied about her identity she try to stay more American than Asian so, this was the real cause of the accusation.

Chris Brown Grateful For Ammika Harris

When Chris Brown and Ammika were on her their trip to Paris, the couple got into a huge problem which was related to rape allegations. A girl (identity hidden) filed a case against Chris Brown for a rape case but Chris called it defamation and a total lie.

This time was not so easy for Chris since the case was very serious, it was heard that Ammika did her best to show love and support towards Chris.

As stated in HollywoodLife, “Chris is enjoying his time with Ammika, she was a big source of comfort and strength to him after everything that went down in Paris. She has been a rock for him,”

“He appreciates and is grateful for how she handled it all and for how she has helped him stay positive. He isn’t putting any labels on things with Ammika yet, but he seems to be very happy in her company. She does seem to really be helping him to put Rihanna out of his mind and in the past. Chris wants to move ahead in life and Ammika is helping him to do that,”

She’s getting spiritual

Once Ammika shared her thought about spiritual activities through her Twitter page where she stated, “Always follow what raises your vibration. Anything that sets your soul on fire, makes you excited, and gives you those goosebumps is in alignment with your higher self. That is your destiny, everything else will fall into place after, All you need is faith,”.

Her boyfriend Chris Brown is a famous guy

Chris Brown was born Christopher Maurice Brown in the year 1989 and he is a world-famous American Singer, Rapper, and Songwriter. In addition to this, Chris is one of the best singers in America and is known as one of the most successful R&B singers. He has a unique musical style that critics describe as Polyhedric which means he covers many genres in a single song.

His music mainly is Hip-Hop with some pop fusion. The themes and lyrical content are mainly around love, heartbreaks, and some other issues of emotions and managing it.

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