Who is American Economist, Jonas Max Ferris?

Jonas Max Ferris

Jonas Max Ferris is famous for being an investment advisor and an economist. But how is an economist that famous? Well, it’s because of the media. Jonas is actually the Economic Analyst for Fox News. In addition, he is also a panelist for Fox Business’ Stocks and Investment programs. Add to that, Ferris is a businessman as well, he is the president and a co-founder of Maxfunds.com.

Over the years, Jonas has covered a lot of topics in his career and he is one of the leading contributors to Fox news. He has been quite a famous personality in the media industry. So, today let us take a look at his life and see what he is all about.

Where was Jonas Max Ferris Born?

Jonas Max Ferris was actually born in the small town of Southfield in the state of Massachusetts. His birthdate is September 14,1971. You’d be surprised to know that both of his parents are Artists. But how did a son of Artists start his career in Business? To understand that, we must understand that Jonas was a studious child and he always considered education as his passion. This is why he became such a big shot economist. In terms of nationality, Jonas is actually Caucasian but he belongs to American Nationality.

About Jonas Max Ferris’s Education

Ferris went to college in New York. We all know that New York is the economic capital of the world. And this was why it was important for Jonas to study and start working in this city. So, he attended the Manhattanville College and graduated in the year 1993 with a degree in Economics.

He then began working for a small firm named Bull and Bear. During this time, he also doubled timed and worked as a marketer and security analyst for the company American Heritage. Both of these jobs are related to finances. And his job as an economist was to provide appropriate financial advice to the companies. But after a while, he left all his jobs and went to the University of Georgia for getting an advanced degree. He graduated from the University of Georgia, Business School in the year 1997. After a year, he was a part of the team that launched the Third Millennium Russia fund in the October of 1998.

Career Path of Jonas Max Ferris

Jonas Max Ferris

Jonas has had an incredible career. His work as an economist and a financial advisor is life changing for many individuals as well as companies. He also serves as an economic analyst for Fox News. Ferris constantly makes his appearances as a panelist on Fox’s Business Channel and he urges people to invest in different programs as well. He hosts the show called Cashin’ where he teaches people to invest properly in stock markets and gives financial education to many.

He also does many smart investments and his work in the prestigious New York Post is also considered incredibly helpful for many people. In addition to that, Jonas also owns his own company. He is actually the co-founder as well as president of the company called Maxfunds.com. He started this business with his university classmate Jason Burr. This site gives financial information to a number of it’s customers too.

On the other hand, Jonas has also appeared in many TV shows like Money with Melissa Francis, The Cost of Freedom and more. He even worked for Kennedy live for two years.

Is Jonas Max Ferris married?

Yes. Jonas Max is married to Dagen McDowell. The two were in the relationship for two years before getting married. They met for the first time in the Show Cashin. Dagen, in an interview, said that she was still married to her first husband when she met Jonas. It seems like she did not get along with her first husband so, she probably just divorced him. The actual reality is not known though.

The couple got married in 2005 at a very small wedding ceremony. Only close friends and family members were invited to this wedding and if the online tabloids are right, Jonas Max Ferris’ wife bought her wedding dress at Kleinfield Wedding emporium in Brooklyn.

When it comes to children, they don’t have any. Jonas and his spouse Dagen also adopted a Chihuahua named Ramon.

Who exactly is his Wife, Dagen Mcdowell?

Jonas Max Ferris with Dagen Mcdowell

Jonas Max Ferris is married to Dagen McDowell. Dagen is actually a very well known person in the field of Journalism. She went through her own struggles before getting the job of a journalist. Once upon a time, she was even a dressing room attendant. She even sold beer at a golf course. Today though, McDowell is an anchor as well as analyst on the Fox business network. Dagen also serves as a business correspondent for the Fox news channel these days.

Jonas Max Ferris’ Net Worth and Achievements

Jonas Max Ferris is a very rich person. His net worth is extremely impressive. He has earned a significant amount of money from all of his businesses and contracts. His salary in Fox news is worth in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. He also gets commission from being a business analyst and his successful business provides him a considerable figure as well. So, the overall amount of money he gets is quite big. His net worth as of 2021 is around $5 million. But we are very sure that Jonas will be making a lot more in the future mainly because of all the revenue streams he has created over the years.

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