All About T-Pain’s Wife – Amber Najm (Bio, Family, Net Worth)

Amber Najim with T-Pain

Amber Najm is the famous due to being wife of famous American rapper and music producer Faheem Rasheed Najm who is famous for his stage name T-Pain.

Amber was born as a Amber Michelle Wyatt and she was born in April 13, 1981. Her birthplace was in Melbourne, Florida. Her father name is Tony Wyatt and her mother name is Gina Shirley Pineiro.

She also got siblings, her brother name is Justin Wyatt and her sister name is Andrea Wyatt.

She completed her high school from Satellite High School which was based in Florida, she spent most of her childhood over this city. After completing her high school education she attended Florida A&M University from where she completed her Bachelor in Business Studies.

Amber Najm Was in Military

Amber followed her father footsteps, where his father used to work as an airman in U.S. Air Force and the same footsteps Amber followed too. Her family members are mostly from U.S. Military and they celebrates Veteran Day with their whole family.

Since, most of their family members are Veteran. From the photo Amber posted in Instagram, it looks like her eight members in the Wyatt family were on military.

Anyway, she is now working on T-Pain’s label company named Nappy Boy Entertainment.

Can She Sing?

It seems like she doesn’t have much interest on music like her husband has in singing songs.

Married to Teenage Boyfriend

T-Pain and Amber were friends from their childhood and they were also in a relationship when they were just on their teenage. They had been married for over 17 years by now and still living happily.

Once she also shared some memories of her relationship where she shows the piece of paper she wrote for T-Pain with her phone number.

This couple get married on September 11, 2003 and at that time T-Pain was just 18 where Amber was 23. Amber is 2,3 years older than T-Pain on the age basis.

Had Threesome Several Times

T-Pain revealed in a interview with The Breakfast Club Radio Program, that he and his wife has done threesome several times. He also said that this couple has done threesome from many years and the first idea of threesome was bought by Amber.

In 2009, when the couple were enjoying there holidays in Costa Rica for Amber Birthday. They were doing a party at strip club and bought some dancers on the party as well. Among some dancers Amber found one dancer was very attractive and beautiful with her looks as well as her body.

And then she told her husband about the lady, later they approach this dancer to have threesome with them. Couple also admitted that they did threesome with this lady.

This incident quickly started to catch fire any many people started to talk about this kind of open relationship.

But in 2019, T-Pain with talking to People, he said, “It’s definitely not that, this rumor is not even close, I wouldn’t do that even with my girlfriend, surely not with my wife.”

We don’t know what is fact if they are on real open relationship or not but they are parents of three kids.

Najm and T-Pain Children

Najm is a mom of three children, where she has one daughter and one daughter. Her daughter name is Lyriq Najim and her two sons name is Muziq Najm and Kaydnz Kodah Najm.

The kids named are related to musical stuffs like Lyriq refers to Lyric, Muziq denotes the music and Kaydnz Kodah means Cadence and Coda. The reason of their name is to show that T-Pain loves towards their kids and music.

Broke to Rich

T-Pain is one of the successful rapper by now and his songs are listened by many people all over the world. With interviewing on some magazine he said the he has experienced luxury life, top floor lifestyle has huge sum of money but he also has experience what it does mean to live in poverty and in shortage of money.

There was also time when he needed to borrow money from his friends to feed his kids from Burger King. His family has experienced this kinds of situation many times in their life. From this kinds of experience he has learned many life lessons like what money can plays a big role in someone life.

Amber Najm Net Worth

It is estimated that Amber net worth is around $1 Million while her husband net worth is more than $35 Million.

Amber has the height of 5 feet and 4 inches and she weighs around 55 kgs.

Active Social Media User

Amber Najam is super active on her social media profiles like Instagram and Facebook. Her twitter account name is @PainzGirl . Where you can find about her tweets and thoughts.

She also got her Instagram where you can find frequent posts of her and her husband as well.

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