Who are Amber Heard’s Parents?

Amber Heard’s Parents

Amber Laura Heard who is better and professionally known as Amber Heard is a professional American actress who has worked on numerous movies and television shows. Before she worked on films and television shows she was seen in music videos including Kenny Chesney’s There Goes My Life. After music videos, she was seen in small roles in television shows like The Mountain and Jack & Bobby. In 2006 she played the role of Mandy Lane in the horror movie All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.

After that, she has worked on many movies and starred along with many popular actors including her ex-husband Johnny Deep. A few of her movies and television shows are The Joneses, The Ward, Friday Night Lights, The Danish Girl, The Stepfather, The Rum Diary, 3 Days to Kill, Zombieland, Justice League, Drive Angry, Aquaman, and many other movies.

Amber was born on April 22, 1986, in Austin, Texas, United States. Her father David Clinton Heard owned a small construction company and her mother Patricia Paige was an insect researcher. She went to Catholic high school in Texas but later she dropped out of the school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Later she did the home study course and got the diploma.

In this blog post, we will be looking through Amber’s personal life and especially we will be focusing and uncovering all the facts or details we have on her parents David Clinton Heard and Patricia Paige.

Amber’s father David was an alcoholic

When Amber’s ex-husband Johnny Deep had a defaming case against The Sun many inside details were published about Johnny’s relation with Amber and her parents. Amber also commented on Johnny saying that he is a far worse abuser than her father was when they were on Intoxication.

In 2013 Amber said that Johnny suspected that Amber was cheating on him with her former boyfriend and he went on a debauch of alcohol and cocaine for many hours. She also revealed that her father was a drunkard and used to abuse her mother but she added that Johnny’s abuse was so worse that her father’s abuse would not even look like abuse.

“Despite my father being violent to my mother, they were very close… Johnny makes my dad look like a saint when he falls off the wagon. His whole life, my dad dealt with issues related to alcohol abuse. “He was a violent addict, but I love him very much.” She told ET Canada.

Her Mother Patricia Paige helped her after she got a restraining order against Johnny

After Amber accused Johnny of physical and verbal abuse she filed for divorce from him and also got a restraining order against him in 2016. Few years after the accusation Amber’s mother said to Johnny that she (Amber) did not want to file but her lawyer insisted and made her do so. She also said in the message that she loves Johnny.

“Her lawyer told her that it was her only option to not being kicked out. It’s not that I’m making excuses, but she believed that. It wasn’t her desire to do so. Despite the fact that the lawyers told her so, she felt she is betraying her one true love. If you ever speak with her again, please do not pass this on. I love you, son.” She said in the message.

Johnny also talked with Amber’s father David the same night through message and David also repeated the same thing as his wife Patricia saying that Amber’s lawyers were the ones that insisted to file the divorce and restraining order and Johnny replied that he still loved Amber but her action hurt him and he was disappointed.

“Dude, I still have my fuc**** wedding ring on my finger. Due to my love for her, I have not removed it. I’m taking it off now. I’m so disappointed and hurt. What a fuc**** knife in the back”, He told David.

Amber’s mother Patrica passed away in May 2020


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Amber announced her mother’s death in early May 2020 through her Instagram. She posted several photos of her mother mourned. She also said that her mother was gone too soon.

“My mom, Paige Heard, passed away last week, and I’m devastated beyond belief. Her beautiful, gentle spirit left us too soon, leaving behind a beautiful, sorrowful memory. From the very depth of our hearts, she will be missed forever. A beautiful woman in all possible ways, she had an unflinching heart. I regret that it is hard to imagine and even worse to say, but I feel blessed to have been her daughter and had the light and love that she shined on everyone, fall upon me for nearly 34 years. In the midst of such an unbelievably painful time, I am reminded of the fact that love survives us all. I have been utterly overwhelmed by the kindness, support, and generosity my sister Whit and I have received from family and friends.” She wrote in the caption.

During the month of October 2020, a day after Patrica’s birthday, Amber updated her followers on her healing process through her Instagram account to tell her fans that she misses her mom very much.

“Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. It’s said the first birthday is the hardest. Even if that is true, I will never be able to lessen how much I miss her. Dedicated to all mamas out there.” She wrote in the caption.

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