About Allison Holker’s daughter, Weslie Fowler

Weslie Fowler

Weslie Fowler came into the limelight for being the daughter of the So You Think You Can Dance star Alison Holker. Her mother has performed on many reality shows, movies, and concerts till now.

Weslie’s mother is one of the famous face in the Hollywood world but still, her biological father’s information has never been revealed to the world. Talking about her family she has two half-siblings from her mother’s second marriage with Twitch.

Weslie Fowler was born when mom was 20 years old

Weslie was born on May 26, 2008, and her birthplace is in the United States of America. As of 2021, she is 12 years old. Due to her mother’s popularity, she came in limelight and because her mother is a famous American dancer.

After Alison gave birth to Weslie, Alison resumed her dancing just after some weeks of pregnancy and due to this reason, she was criticized heavily by her fans and friends. But later taking with People magazine she told “I got a lot of beef, but no one looked at the fact that [dancing] is not just a dream or passion. It’s my job, income, and stability.”

Who is Weslie Fowler Biological Dad?

The biological father has remained mysterious from the media world and only Alison knows the real father of Weslie. Many rumors have said that the couple gave birth to Weslie before their marriage life and when she turned two her parents separated.

Anyway, her relationship with step-father Twitch has remained healthy. Weslie’s ethnicity is Caucasian and her nationality is American.

Weslie mom is a famous dancer

Her mother was born in Anoka, Minnesota but as per reports she spent most of her early time in Orem, Utah. She completed her education at The Timpanogos High School and started her dancing career after completing professional training from The Dance Club in Orem.

Later, her fame grew when she made her first international appearance at the opening of the 2002 Winter Olympics and her career was more boosted when she made her performance on the second season of dancing reality show named So You Think You Can Dance.

Due to her grown popularity and dancing skill, she was also invited to another popular dancing TV series named Dancing with the Stars. In the show, she made her debut in the 19th season and got the position of 9th.

Later, she again joined the 20th season of the show and became a runner-up with her dancing partner Riker Lynch.

She is following her mom

Interviewing with People Magazine in 2010, her mom told that Weslie is already following her footsteps and she has started to get dancing lessons. In the talk show, Allison also, revealed that she is a fan of Fergie, a singer, and a songwriter.

Allison said, “She just moves — she loves Fergie! She goes for it 100 percent. I have to keep up!”

Weslie Fowler has Two Half-Siblings

Weslie is not alone in her family she has two half-siblings and their name is Maddox and he was born in 2016. Also, she has a half-sister and her name is Zaia, born in 2019.

As per some sources, Weslie loves her siblings more than anything and they share a good bond with each other. Being the eldest child in the family, Weslie has always tried to show love care and affection to her siblings.

Both of her half-siblings were born from her parent’s relationship with Twitch. Her step-father Twitch and her mother Allison tied the knot in December 2013. Their marriage ceremony was held at Villa San-Juliette Winery in Paso Robles, California.

At this time the family members are enjoying a quality life and they also do a vacation a lot compare to other families in the USA.

Her Social Media


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With more than 100k followers on Instagram, she is active on Instagram and you can also check her posts over there. There are a lot of photos of her and her family. She doesn’t post photos regularly and it looks like her mom is managing her Instagram account.

Her Clothing Style is different

In June 2020, when Allison shared her daughter’s dancing video on TikTok along with her, the video received criticism from a guy named naysayer who commented Weslie dresses “like a boy.”

Responding to the criticism, she replied, “Patriarchy is dead. Just because I don’t wear dresses and bright pink doesn’t mean I’m dressing like a boy. This is my style and I necessarily wear comfy clothes and darker colors, and just because I dress like that, doesn’t mean I’m dressing like a boy.”

Looking at this situation Weslie’s mom called her daughter strong and she also expressed that she is very happy with her daughter self defending skill.

Later in a Zoom chat with E! News, Allison said that her daughter’s dressing style has also become a topic in her class because of her boyish dressing style being a girl.

They usually chant, “You’re a boy. You’re wearing boy clothes.”

“She chose to wear suspenders and a bowtie—and she loved it so much.”

But her classmates, “kept being like, ‘You’re a boy. You’re wearing boy clothes. What are you doing?’ All this stuff,”

The actress continued, “So she was getting hit really hard.”

Besides, all these kinds of stuff and issues Weslie has remained strong, and her mom has always appreciated her for this. Talking about the dress she told, “I want to get big in the fashion department. I’ve always loved makeup, clothing, fashion, hair.”

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