Who is Dr. Anthony’s Daughter Alison Fauci?

alison fauci

Ever since the pandemic started, Dr. Anthony Fauci has been quite a name all over the world. He is one of the leading experts in Infectious Disease. He is also well known for the kind of predicting the pandemic. As the number of cases keeps on increasing, Fauci urges everyone to keep safe. You might have seen his face all over the news as well.

In an interview hosted by Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, people asked Fauci about the infection and also if he has had any losses. To this question, Fauci replied that his younger daughter’s boyfriend’s brother died of the virus and this was a wake-up call for them. So, today, we would like to introduce our readers to Anthony Fauci’s younger daughter.

Who is Alison Fauci, the daughter of Anthony Fauci?

Alison Fauci is the youngest member of the Fauci Family, She is the youngest daughter of Anthony and Christine Fauci. She went to the National Cathedral School and majored in Computer Science. He later graduated from Stanford and currently works as a Software Engineer for Twitter in the Bay Area. Alison also has two siblings, both of them are her older sisters.

Anthony Fauci’s Busy Schedule

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Dr. Fauci has been quite busy recently because of the pandemic. He even skipped the Thanksgiving dinner this year because of the virus. In a webinar, he said that he was going to have a very closed family-type thing this year. He also mentioned that all of the daughters are in different areas of the country so, it would be impossible to have a tight-knit dinner.

Fauci said that he was going to do a Zoom meeting for Thanksgiving. He also talked about how he was not going to criticize people for celebrating the festival with their family members. The CDC did advise people to not travel during the pandemic though. They did not want to spread the infection and if the CDC is right, travel could cause the infection to spread at a much faster rate.

When asked about this topic, Dr. Fauci said that he was not going to criticize anyone who wanted to be their family member but he did urge people to take precautions while they were traveling in mass.

He told the media that people have to understand and be smart about it. It is a real disease so, Fauci urged people to be motivated to keep themselves and the people around them safe and sound.

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