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Who is Howard Stern’s Ex-Wife, Alison Berns?



Alison Berns

Alison Berns is ex-wife of famous American radio personality Howard Stern. She was born in May 26, 1954. She was born in Newton Center, Massachusetts.

There is no any exact information about her parents and family, and their is nothing disclosed about her detailed early life. She attended her education from Newton North High School, before she moved to Boston University. She studied about social work on university and graduated in 1976.

After graduating from from Columbian University she started her career as a social worker which she was studying about.

She also became a licensed clinical social worker and also learn about psychotherapy. Her life was busy since she was a doctor and a social worker.

But her career twist when she get married to radio jockey, “Howard Stern”. She also debuted a role in her husband made documentary. After the release of show “The Howard Stern Show”, Alison also appeared on three episode of it on 1987.

She also made her first debut entertainment industry from movie “Negligee and Underpants Party”. After that she starred in “U.S. Open Sores” in 1989.

Berns started to appear on various episode of “The Howard Stern Show” ranging date from 1991 to 1993. Over the few years she worked with her husband on various projects and was also take part on biographical film “Private Parts”.

The book was written about Howard Sterns life and his struggle and all about his success. Alison also appeared on talk shows ‘The Geraldo River Show’ on Nov 8, 1993.

Although, she did not continue the acting she helped her husband to make successful shows. A few year after their marriage, Alison retired working as a Actor and start focus on her interest work Psychotherapist.

The decision of retirement was taken by Alison herself which was also reason of their divorce claims many news outlets.

  1. How old is Alison Berns?

    She is 67 years old by now.

  2. How did Alison and Howard meet?

    They met when they both were under-grad at Boston University.

  3. How many children does Alison have?

    Three. Emily (1983), Deborah (1986), Ashley (1993).

  4. Where is Alison Berns now?

    Alison is in USA and she has already married to David Scott Simon.

  5. How much is Alison Berns worth?

    Her net worth estimated $20 Million

Howard & Alison Relationship

Alison Berns with Howard Stern

All of the fame credit goes to Howard Sterns because he is the only reason of her success and fame.

Their relationship starts before Howard was a famous person. Alison was with Howard on his rags days as well as from their college days.

They both met on Boston University while Alison was there for his higher education but Howard was there to make documentary named “Transcendental Meditation”, where he also requested to take Alison part on that documentary.

So, this documentary also helped them to make their love more strong. Alison accepted to take part on this project and they started to work together.

Soon, after dating with each other they start to feel in love deeper. Sterns said that their first movie they watched on their date was “Lenny” which was released on 1974.

From that time, Alison was important part of Howard life. She also supported her lover a lot on his struggle days.

Alison waited until graduation before marrying her boyfriend. And finally got married on 1978. After some years of their marriage life, they were blessed with three child named Emily Stern, Deborah Stern and Ashley Jade Stern.

Alison Berns’ Children: Emily, Deborah, and Ashley

Alison eldest child Emily was born in 1983 at New York and by now Emily is an American actress and has worked on many best movies till now. She finished her education from New York University and started to pursue her dream on acting.

By now you can she her roles on some movies like Remember Me which was released in 2017 and The Elevator Game in 2015, not just acting she is also a singer who has already released her first album ‘Birthday’ on 2013.

Her another daughter Deborah Jennifer was born in 1986, she also tried to pursue her career on acting but it was unsuccess, she never reach even a small level of stardom like her father.

But you can still see her roles in single episode of the show called Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and till now she has also played some minor roles on movies like For the Boys, Nudist Colony of the Dead, and Wide Awake.

Ashley Jade Stern was born in 1993 and her was fame was only bein daughter of world famous guy Howard Stern. Her parents divorce impact her so much more than any other members in the family.

Alison Berns and Howard Stern Divorce

After more than two decade of togetherness sadly, this beautiful couple plan to get divorced. They ended their relationship in 1999 and the divorce was official in 2001. Alison said about her relationship that Howard was distant and feels like he don’t want me anymore.

She said she began to feel alone in this cold relationship. Howard is very hard working guy and this was also main cause of relationship failure as per she stated.

About this thought of Alison, Howard also agreed that he was too busy on his work and he neglected his family. He was in love with his work so much, that he forget any relationship with family and friends.

With Rolling Stones Magazine in 2011, he also said,

“My marriage ending blew my mind. I was upset that I failed, let down my family, my kids, my ex-wife; it all was very painful.“

He also added more:

‘I felt like such a failure. It’s so complicated, and it’s hard for me to even figure out at this point what went wrong and how things that were so good could go so bad. It’s tough. I think I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to analyze that.’

All this divorce case by revealed by their eldest daughter Emily Sterns on one interview with New York Post.

She said she was very shock when she heard her parents were getting separated. And she also said that her father was desperate a lot and also went into depression.

Married to David Scott Simon

After Alison divorce with Howard she started her happy married life with David Scott Simon on 2001. David is a businessman in New York and David as well as Howard are unknown to each other and it was also heard that they are very unknown to each other.

This couple doesn’t have any children on their own and David has also accepted all the kids from Alison past married life. Many times this families has been spotted celebrating family moments together.

On the other side her ex-husband Howard is married to Beth Ostrosky, she a model and actress as well.

alison with david

Alison Berns’ Appearance

  • Long light brown curly hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Height – 5ft 6ins (1.68m)
  • Weight – 143lbs (65kgs)
  • Vital Statistics – 34-26-35
  • Bra Size – 33B
  • Shoe Size – 6.5 (US)

Alison Berns Net Worth

Alison Berns is also a richest actor, although she spent her little time on acting career. Her net worth is $50 Million.

And her husband Howard Stern net worth is whopping $650 Million as of 2021.

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