Who is Playboy’s ‘curviest model’ Ali Chanel?

Ali Chanel

After Playboy announced Ali Chanel as their latest playmate, fans are very excited and want to know more about this lady.

As far as we know Playboy mate announced in August that Ali Chanel will be their playmate. And more fact about her is that she is the curviest playmate to date as per the company.

“I think the world is just ready to accept all different kinds of bodies and realize that we’re all worth loving. And I think that it’s just so empowering because there are so many people that feel unseen and misrepresented in media today. It just feels so special that I get to be that girl for sure.”

She is a model, social media star, and influencer but before she was picked as a playmate by Playboy, Ali was not so popular face.

Who is Ali Chanel?


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Ali was born on June 17, 1990, but there is no information about her parents also, about her early life.

Talking with Fox news Ali told that she never had any plan to become a model and never thought of appearing in the pages of a playboy.

She also added that her motivation came from her friends who encourage her to become a curvy model. At the time, the model uses to be thin and light but modeling trends changed and every size of women was welcomed.

Her dedication and hard work made her the newest Playmate in August for Playboy. She also believes that the world of modeling is changing and as per her it’s not just about the beauty and attractive body but by now it is also the encouragement for women of any size.

Her modeling agency is Natural Model Management and as per them, she has the measurement of  5”8 with a 35 ½” waist.

As far as we know she used to work some odd jobs just to pay for her living but now she owns cars, mansions, and many more luxury stuff.

How did she get a chance to be a playmate?

When she was in her modeling career she was picked by Playboy, one day her agent called and said that the Playboy team wants to talk with her.

Remembering the moment she said,

“When I was considering doing Playboy, I had this preconceived notion of what it would be like. I expected older men would interview me and that I’d have to show them my body to get the gig.”

“It wasn’t like that at all. It was nice learning about everything Playboy stands for as a brand, and it’s so cool that almost everyone I’ve worked with for the shoot has been a woman.”

Ali Chanel Relationship Status

At the moment Ali is single and might be looking for the perfect partner who can also help to achieve her dream. Talking about her previous relationship, it was failed and did not turn out to be good.

Anyway, she has never expressed her feeling and anything about her love life. So, there is no exact information we got to know about her private life. We know that she has a child.

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