Who is Alfonso Ribeiro’s Daughter, Sienna Ribeiro?

Alfonso Ribeiro's Daughter Sienna

Sienna Riberio is one of the most famous TikTokers around. She is famous for being the daughter of the veteran actor and comedian Alfonso Ribeiro. But unlike her famous Hollywood father, Sienna has made it not with movies but with social media. Her TikTok presence is sublime and that has gained her quite a big reputation in the influencer space. Sienna does lip sync videos and dance routines on her TikTok account.

Since Sienna was born into a very celebrated family, she has gained a good amount of fame at an early age. But what about the other facet of her life? Well, Let’s get into all of them in this article.

Sienna Ribeiro’s Life till now

As we mentioned, Sienna is a huge star in TikTok. She is an incredible social media personality and Tiktok is her media of choice. Her birthdate is on October 7 and she was born in 2002. We don’t know her hometown but she was born in the United States. Her father is Alfonso whereas her mother’s name is Robin.

She finished middle school in 2017 and got through her graduation in 2021.  Sienna has done a great job being a teenager by getting a good number of followers. She makes money by leveraging that following..

Sienna Ribeiro is the eldest sibling in her family

Sienna might be just 18 years old right now but she is actually the eldest child of her parents. While she does not have any biological siblings, she has half brothers Anders and Alfonso Lincoln. Both of them are younger than her and she also has a younger half-sister named Ava.

Her father has been married twice so, all of the half-siblings are from Alfonso’s second marriage. We will get into it later on in this article. She does share a good relationship with all three of her siblings. This can be proven by her frequent public appearances with the siblings.

Sienna’s Father’s two marriages

Sienna’s father Afonso has married two times. His first spouse was Robin who is the mother of Sienna. The two got married in January of 2002 after 3 years of dating. They had met in 1999 on the set of the show called In the House. Their meeting turned into a relationship and then they finally got married and had Sienna.

But their marriage did not last long as they got divorced back in February of 2007. They filed for a divorce at the LA Superior Court on August 9. The divorce was finalized on the 19th of Feb, 2007.

Alfonso then got married again to his wife named Angela Unkrich. The wedding ceremony was held on the 13th of October in 2012 almost after three months of engagement.  It has been over 8 years since they have married now and they are still going strong.

Raised by Divorced Parents

Celebrity Couples and Divorce are just synonymous at this point in time. The same can be said for Sienna’s Parents. After the parents divorced, Sienna’s custody was up for the taking and the parents split the process. Both of them shared custody of the child and they raised her together. This is why she has a good relationship with both her parents. She loves to spend time with both and she has also shared a lot of photos of her parents all over her social media. Their bonding still continues to this day.

Who Is Sienna’s, Father Alfonso?

Sienna’s father is Alfonso. He is a director, actor, and comedian. Alfonso made his debut as an actor in a role back in a 1980 movie named OYE Willie. After this, He appeared in a TV series titled Silver Spoons from the year 1984 to 1987. Alfonso was quite regular and appeared in a total of 72 episodes in this show.

Some of his successful movies and TV series include stuff like Magnum, PI, A different world, and more. He has also made appearances in Bill Nye’s Show and Love Wrecked. Apart from acting in movies, Alfonso has made a few of them. He directed an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air among others.  He also did over 19 episodes of the TV show called Are we there yet?

So, yeah. Alfonso does have a big directing career where he has done some good work.

What is Sienna Ribeiro’s Relationship Status?

If we judge by Sienna’s Instagram, It seems like she has a boyfriend right now. So, yeah She is taken! While we don’t know the name of the guy and Sienna herself has really not opened up about her relationship status, we do know that she is taken. She has posted a lot of pictures with a guy and we believe that he might be her significant other. Aside from this, other details are not known currently. We would like to mention that the speculation is not out of thin air. We have seen her post of hugging the guy and this is why we think she is in a relationship right now. More details might follow later!

Sienna loves to party

Another thing we know about Sienna is her love for partying. She seems to love night-outs and parties. We can see her out with her friends every so often and well, it is quite obvious. For a girl her age, Night outs are normal. There are also a number of photos where she has really shown her party lifestyle on her Instagram.

Social Media Fame

Sienna’s whole job is to be on Social Media so, yeah she is quite big there. She is active on Instagram and has managed to get some decent following there. But this is nothing as compared to her TikTok fame. She is quite huge on this platform and does it quite seriously as well. She is a bonified professional TikToker and we think she might make a transition to the actual entertainment industry quite soon.

How much is Sienna’s Net Worth?

Sienna is still very young to be making money but she does have some decent income from her Social Media career. Her father, though, is incredibly wealthy. Alfonso’s net worth is around that $10 million marks as of 2021. With his massive income, Sienna enjoys a luxurious life and has a pretty nice overall lifestyle.

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