All About Seth Meyers’ Wife – Alexi Ashe (Bio, Net Worth)

Alexi Ashe with Seth Meyers
Date of Birth 1983
Profession Legal Counselor
Nationality American
Husband Seth Meyers


Alexi Ashe is wife of famous American Comedian Seth Meyers. She is also a human rights attorney and she provide a service for the victim or survivors who suffered from many types of gender violence which happen inside a family.

Her husband Seth Meyers is the current host of popular American show Late Night with Seth Meyers. The show was used to run by Jimmy Fallon but he quit it on 2014 and became a host for The Tonight Show.

Late Night with Seth Meyers show helped Seth to get global recognition and he became famous all over the world. In result, many fans of this show started to search about his life and also about Seth Meyers wife Alexi Ashe.

You can also watch Alexi husband’s videos on Netflix, which was released on 2019 as Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby.

While Seth is renowned all over the world, it’s look like his wife always want’s to stay away from the limelight and doesn’t enjoy the popularity like her husband do.

So, today we have wrote about her lifestyle, relationship and many stuffs about her on detail.

Who is Alexi Ashe?

Alexi Ashe was born on April 1, 1983 and her birthplace was in New Mexico, USA. Her nationality is an American and her ethnicity is white.

Her father name is Tom Ashe and mother name is Joan Ashe. She is not a only child of her parents, she also got a sister and her name is Ariel Ashe.

Education & Career

Alexi attended her education from local school in New Mexico. But later she finished her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government, and she completed the study by 2006.

Later in 2009, she joined Southwestern University of Law from where she finished the study of law and later she again studied to receive a Doctorate of Law in International Human Rights.

After 2011, she started to work on various organizations and she worked for the first time as a pro bono assistant DA in King’s County. Ashe also worked as a criminal prosecutor for sex trafficking cases while she was in New York.

And later in 2012, she also worked as a intern at Human Right First, from where she was able to learn about the legal terms in more details and she also got knowledge of people’s experience about the Asylum process in USA.

She became a legal advisor or counselor for an investment company in New York, USA. After that in 2013, she rejoined the same firm, she left before King’s County District Attorney Office as an assistant DA.

Her main part from this firm was to help victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Later she left her position as DA from this firm and joined attorney for Sanctuary for Families. By now, Ashe is also a co-chairman of New York state Anti-Trafficking Coalition.

She did a lots of help for the victims to win the legal battle and get a justice. Her efforts against human trafficking and domestic violence has earned her the title in New York as “New Abolitionist.”

First Met was at a friend’s wedding in 2008

When Seth and Alexi was on their friends marriage which was happened at 2008, this future couple were met there for the first time. Meyers also told Your Tango, that when he saw this beautiful lady he was clear that she is sure gonna be my life partner.

Seth Said. “And yes it was, I had a sense that she is one of the closet person I ever met and in her I could see myself.”

After their first met, this couple started to date and they did engagement by 2011. They dated for almost 2 years, which is enough to know about each other.

Talking with People, Meyer said that the plan of proposal was almost ruined because, he tied a ring in a bow around his pet dog’s collar… And I was just sitting there looking the dog. I was like ‘The dog was almost going eat that ring LOL…’

Anyway, dog was by side of Seth, it didn’t ruined the plan and everything was perfect. Ashe accepted the ring, they might had never met each other if there was no any marriage of their friends.

Both get married by September 1, 2013. Everything was fine but suddenly Alexi feel like she is getting sick and the wedding was about to happen in a couple of days.

She was still sick on the day before of their marriage, so nurse recommended them to postpone the marriage but anyhow they managed it.

She gave birth in an apartment lobby

After getting for more than a years, this couple finally plan to have a baby. Their first child name is Ashe Olsen Meyers born in March 27, 2016 and she was born at Lenox Hill Hospital. It sounds perfect and nice.

But when she was about to welcome a second child of her, the baby was born in a outstanding way. When this couple were on their apartment lobby, Alexi feel something on her stomach and they already know that the baby was about to born.

But before Seth was able to take her wife to the hospital, the baby was born on there.

In one episode of The Late Night with Seth Meyers, he explained that Alexi decided that she would give birth to her baby on the apartment lobby. Recalling the incident he also said:

When I looked at my wife, the only thing I can describe about her was she was looking like someone who was hiding a baby on her sweatpants.. As soon as we undressed it, the baby was just out.

The baby head was out, so I called 911 and everything happened so fast. That I was not even able to explain them on detail because all I said on the conversation was, We’re about to have a baby, we are having a baby, we have a baby.”

Later, the police and some medical staff arrived as soon as possible to cut the umbilical cord. Also, Seth neighbor helped by providing a towel to keep the baby warm.

This couple also named this baby Axel Strahl, because they want to give the tribute to Alexi’s grandparents who were survived the Austrian holocaust.

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