Who is Danielle Colby Ex-husband, Alexandre De Meyer? (Graphic Designer)

Alexandre de Meyer with Danielle Colby
Full Name Alexander De Meyer
Net Worth $2 Million
Nickname Alexander
Marital Status Divorced
Birthplace Viron, France
Profession graphic designer
Nationality French
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Light Brown

Alexandre De Meyer is a very good graphic designer. He became famous after he married actress Danielle Colby.

Today, we will dive deep into Meyer’s life and see what he does, what his net worth is, where he is from and more. So, stick with us and get to know all about Alexandre de Meyer’s life!

Who is Alexandre De Meyer?

Alexandre was born in France. He was born in the City of Viron. As we said earlier, Meyer became famous after he married Hollywood actress Danielle Colby.

For some time the pair lived together in Chicago. Danielle has two children too but the children are from her previous relations. So, Meyer was a step dad for a while. Right now, the pair has already split up.

Talking about his life as a kid and his parents, no information is currently available. We do know that Meyer has a sibling but we don’t know the name.

He also doesn’t talk much about his personal life. He is French though. In addition, his ethnicity is Caucasian.

Currently Alexandre is single but he was once married to a Hollywood actress.  The marriage with Danielle took place in 2015. The couple dated for a few years before they finally walked down the aisle.

The two actually first met back in 2011. The relation was strictly professional initially but later that bond was converted into a romantic one. Meyer is very private about his body measurement so, we don’t know much about his height and weight.

Judging from his pictures though, we can say that he has a light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Further more, Meyer has a lot of tattoo on his body so, he might be a tattoo lover as well.

What is Alexandre’s Career?

Alexandre has been working as a graphic designer for a while now and he also has how own printing shop. The shop is located in the city of Chicago, USA. He started various design printings on t shirts and posters. Then, he moved on cover arts and he started selling them in his website.

This helped him gain a massive audience and because of his skillset, he collected many high profile clients and fans. In addition, he was inspired by American tattoos so, he developed his own style and technology to incorporate the tattoo design in his work.

Alexandre did not stop here. He made many high profile designs that later got displayed in the Michelin Museum. This exhibit has gained him much popularity,

Alexandre has a really good career in the field of design and printing. He also made the logo for his wife’s retro clothing line. Add to that, he also worked for Going Blind which is a screen print workshop.

While a lot of people recognize this incredible French artist for being the ex-husband of Danielle Colby, he is definitely more than that.

Popularity through Marriage

Alexandre gain huge popularity after his marriage with Danielle Colby, being husband of famous television personality, fashion designer and burlesque dancer there is a no chance that this guy can get away from the fans of Danielle.

But sadly, they are divorced by now and anything related to their marriage life has not revealed to the world. By now Colby is on a relationship with artist Jeremy Scheuch.

And Alexandre is single man residing on Chicago, still lots of people search for Alexandre thanks to Colby but we don’t know if his business also benefit from the fame of Colby or not.

About Alexandre Ex-Wife, Danielle Colby?

Danielle was grew up in Lowa and she started her career from her early age by performing arts but later she became part of a team called the Big Mouth Mickies. From there the fame of her rise to the top, Colby was also a professional sports woman playing roller skaters and she also played it for about three years until she retired due to her physical injuries.

From this incident her whole family moved to Chicago and she also started to take serious interest in burlesque dancing.

She also started to perform under a pseudonym of Dannie Diesel and from there she also started burlesque academy called Dannie Diesel’s Bump ‘n’ Grind Academy in Chicago.

And she also started her own clothing line which name is 4Miles 2Memphis but her business was not so boom and it went straight to loss so, the store was closed very soon.

Alexandre de Meyer Net Worth

We don not really know the full extent of Meyer’s net worth. But we can make a guess. He has a successful business and high end clients.

He has also major networking advantage as he knows many people because of his previous marriage. Add to that, his work is featured in a Museum and has a good online presence from his website. So, we guess Alexandre’s net worth might be around $1- $2 Million.

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