Who is Social Media star, Alex Costa?

Alex Costa

Alex Costa is a very famous star of Social Media. He became famous in YouTube so, yeah he is a YouTuber. Alex generally covers the topics of Lifestyle and Fashion in his videos. He provides tips and tricks on Men’s Clothing and all other information about that topic. His channel has gained millions of followers in a very short time. The channel is watched by people all over the world.

In his videos, the main content is around Clothes, Hairstyle, Exercise, Fitness, Skin Care and more. His upload frequency is quite great as well. Alex releases videos regularly and promotes it via his Instagram which is followed by many people. Since he has a lot of fans, they want to know more about his life right now and this is where we come in. Today, we bring you the entire life of Alex Costa that we have found in the internet so, let us get started.

Alex Costa was born in Brazil

Yes, Alex is a Brazilian. He was born on the 9th of July in the year 1988. This makes him 30 years old in 2021. Alex went to school in Brazil but he completed his studies from the United States of America. His hometown’s name in Brazil is Belo Horizonte and actually his real Brazilian name is quite different. His actual name is  Gustavo Lopes Prado Costa. But we will still call him Alex.

Alex was born to parents Cláudio Tarso da Costa and Onélia Lopes McNamara. In his family, he also had siblings. Alex grew up with his younger brothers named Guilherme and Vitor.

When he was a child, his whole family came to the United States. They moved to the US in 2001. Speaking of family, he is also currently in a relationship with the famous TikTok star named Robbi Jan.

Alex was quite a physical child and he grew up to be an attractive person. He has a height of 6 foot 2 inch and his weight is just 57 KG which is quite great. He has alight cocoa skin color which looks tanned and his hair is of the same color as well. In conclusion, Alex is really handsome and this explains his wild social media following.

Alex’s YouTube Career

Alex started his YouTube channel in the year 2011. At first, he wasn’t famous for his Lifestyle content. Actually, he started off as an early game streamer. He used to upload videos of this game called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

After a while, he moved to Los Angeles for college. Alex went to the Cape Cod Community college and this was when he kind of started to want to be on Hollywood. So, he also started giving lifestyle tips, doing vlogs and just generally providing information to the public on YouTube.

Some Facts About Alex Costa


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Alex Costa does not drink Alcohol. Yes, the first great fact about him is that he is quite a sober person. He dislikes Alcohol and takes care of his body a lot. He also refrains from smoking and strictly follows a Vegetarian diet. Alex is not entirely vegan but he does not indulge in meat.

Alex has a thing for dogs. He loves dogs and also owns one. Alex Costa has admitted that dogs are the best pets a human can have and he love them dearly.

Alex’s didn’t think he would be famous off of YouTube. He just wanted to provide information that he had via his videos and that ended up working nicely and he got pretty great at it. His videos are very educational and that has helped many people all over the world.

As we mentioned, Alex is a born Brazilian. But he does not hold the citizenship of Brazil. He also likes to travel so, he has travelled a lot of countries. He and his family migrated to the United States and he has been living in the states since then!

How much is Alex Costa worth?

Alex Costa’s main Income source is Instagram and Sponsorship deals that he gets from various brands. He makes a lot of money off of YouTube. So, he doesn’t really have a fixed income. Instead, he makes random money but there is a consistent stream of revenue from his YouTube channel. So, what is he worth? Well, we think his net worth lies somewhere in the bracket of $100,000 to $1 million. We are pretty sure he is a millionaire though.

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