Who is Giannis’ Brother Alex Antetokounmpo?

Alex Antetokounmpo

Alexandros Emeka “Alex” Antetokounmpo is a professional Greek basketball player who plays for UCAM Murcia of the Spanish Liga ACB. . Alex is a basketball player but he is mostly known as the younger brother Antetokounmpo, his brothers GiannisThanasis, and Kostas.

His brothers are also professional NBA players. Along with his NBA player brothers, he also has a brother named Francis Antetokounmpo who used to be a semi-professional basketball player, professional soccer (football) player, and a musician.

Alex’s brothers Giannis and Thanasis play for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). All of the Antetokounmpo brothers are well-known players. His brother Giannis is mostly known for being the star player of the Bucks. According to the reports in 2020, he received the biggest contract in NBA history as the team wanted him to play for them.

After Kareem Abdul Jabbar and LeBron James, Alex’s brother Giannis is the only basketball player to be Most Valuable Player (MVP) before 26 years old twice. It is clear that he is doing great but can he ever surpass his brother’s legacy?

Today in this blog post we will be covering all the detail regarding Alex Antetokounmpo, his early life, his personal life, career, and net worth.

Early Life of Alex Antetokounmpo

Alex was born on August 27, 2001, in Sepolia, Athens, Greece, to Charles Antetokounmpo and Veronica Antetokounmpo. All of his brothers except for Francis were born in Athens. Francis was born in Nigeria and a few years after Francis was born, his parents moved to Greece leaving Francis in Nigeria with his grandparents.

His parents moved to Greece to get a better lifestyle but it was not that easy cause they were black and they had to face racism. But they wanted to change their lifestyle and give a better life to their children so they endured all the hate and started working, Charles started working as a handyman and on the other hand, Veronica started working as a babysitter.

Life was not easy for their children as well cause according to the reports Antetokounmpo brothers used to sell handbags, watches, sunglasses, and other stuff like those in the street. Although he was born in Greece Alex holds a Nigerian passport. It was for him to get a visa to enter the U.S.A legally. His passport was granted to him in 2013 and he got his Greek citizenship later in 2016.

Alex went to a private catholic school (Dominican High School) and there he played basketball for around four years. He was a really good player since his school days and after that, he was offered scholarships from many basketball teams or associations including Greenbay, Ohio, and DePaul.

Alex was born and raised in an athlete family, his father Charles used to play soccer (football) and his mother Veronica was a high jumper. That explains why the Antetokounmpo brothers are good at sports. As per the reports, Alex started playing basketball when he was nine years old.

Alex Antetokounmpo joins UCAM

His Original Family Name Is Adetokunbo

Antetokounmpo is not their original last or family name. According to the sources their original family name is Adetokunbo but Alex’s brother Giannis’ passport had a slight mistake in spelling so later his whole family changed it to Antetokounmpo.

Alex’s Career

Alex signed a three-year contract with UCAM Murcia of the Liga ACB on July 22, 2020. Currently, he is playing for one of the best basketball in Liga ACB, in the Spanish basketball league system. It has been over a year since he played in Liga ACB. There is no information about his salary but we can expect he earns well and it is a pretty good contract for a newcomer like him.

He is allowed to enter the NBA draft since last year. It will be hard for him to make a name for himself as all of his brothers are very successful and well-known NBA players, and of course, people always try to compare him with his brothers but we can say that he’s trying his best to make his gameplay better every day.

“He wants to get drafted but has to improve every single day. It is hard to be Alex with three brothers getting drafted.” Giannis once said when he was asked about his brother.

His appearance and body measurements

He is 97 kg (214 pounds) and  6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m) tall. His body measurements are still to be revealed yet but his body shape is great.

Talking about his appearance, he has a pair of brown eyes and black hair. His body build is very athletic and muscular.  He does a lot of training as his body is very fit and healthy. Furthermore, he is clean-shaven and his hair is afro style with side-cropped. He wears ear studs and has a towering frame as he is very tall.

Is He Active on Social Media?

He most definitely is active on various social media platforms, he has an Instagram account with 1 million followers. He mostly posts several pictures of himself doing basketball moves on the court and with his brothers and mother.

Alex also has a Twitter account where he has 16.2k followers where he shares his thoughts through tweets and shares basketball-related highlights, and news. He also tweets about his feelings towards his brothers and celebrates their success.

We can say that Alex loves his family and playing basketball just by looking through his social media posts. Besides Antetokounmpo family has their youtube channel which is named AntetokounBros Tv the channel has 187k subscribers currently and there they share various videos including Francis’ music videos.

What is His Relationship Status?

Most definitely Alex is single and is not looking for anyone to date. As he has just been allowed to enter the NBA draft, the small forward is more focused on growing his basketball career.

As well as he is a professional basketball player and he must have to do undergone numerous training and play many games. So, right now he must be very focused and busy with his career. Once you are in a relationship you must spend time with your partner. But as we know he is quite busy so the chances of him being in a relationship are quite low.

But he has a promising future ahead so it might not be difficult for him to find a girlfriend if he wants.

His Father’s Death

Alex’s father Charles was a selfless person who moved to Greece so he could give his children a better life, he would do anything for his children’s happiness and often starve himself to feed his sons when they did not have much.

But sadly Charles died in September 2017, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, cause of a heart attack. His death left his family in grief. Charles was just 54 years, and it left everyone saddened and heartbroken, after his sudden death Antetokounmpo brothers tried hard and are still trying very hard to keep their father’s legacy. Alex has “I am my father’s legacy” UCAM Murcia written on his Instagram bio.

Giannis’s success affected his family

As mentioned earlier, Alex’s brother Giannis has made a name for himself at the NBA. He is one of the talented and successful players in the NBA.

Before Giannis earned such fame for himself, the Greek society didn’t care about his family. But instead, the whole family had to face racism and they even couldn’t get consistent work. They were undocumented and police could deport them anytime if they were found. They used to get constant threats of violence and were mistreated.

But after Giannis got chosen in the 2013 NBA Draft, their situation completely changed as the people started seeing their families with different perceptions.

Alex has described how Giannis’s success affected his family. He said that he used to remember people looking at him strangely thinking, “Oh, he’s acting differently because his brother got drafted.”

He also said that the people would text him to play basketball. If he refused or missed the text then the people would text him, “Oh, you can’t hang out because your brother’s in the N.B.A.?”.

It was very frustrating for him and he said that he was the same person he was before. It was a terrifying situation for Giannis as well because he became the responsible person in the family. But he has done well and has proved his worth and now Alex is following in his footsteps.

How Much Does He Earn? (His Net Worth)

Alex’s salary and annual wages are not public so we don’t know how much he truly earns. Also, he just recently started his career in basketball so we can assume that he has not earned much. But he sure is a good player with his sharp skills and commitment so he must have a good salary. After analyzing his professional career we can say that he has a net worth of $1 to $5 million estimated.

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