About Thomas Gibson’s Daughter, Agatha Marie Gibson

Agatha Marie Gibson
Date of Birth April 28, 2004
Profession Student
Father Thomas Gibson
Mother Christine Gibson
Instagram @gaggiie

Agatha Marie Gibson is an American celebrity child. She is well known for being the youngest child of actor Thomas Gibson with his wife Christine. Agatha is also an incredibly talented dancer. She does ballet and contemporary dancing.

Agatha’s parents got married in the year 1993 but the couple got divorced after 25 years in 2018. They had already separated 7 years prior but officially got divorced in 2018. In 2014, Agatha’s father filed for Divorce.

Who is Agatha Marie Gibson?

Agatha Marie Gibson was born on 2004. She is 16 years old currently. She was born in the United States of America and her zodiac sign is Taurus.

If we have to talk about her family, Agatha’s parents are Christine and Thomas. She has two brothers named James and Travis, both of them are older than her.

Agatha currently lives with her family in San Antonio, Texas. It is her mother’s hometown. Agatha has a mixed ancestry, her grandfather was an Englishman. Similarly, Her grandmother was an Irish-German.

In terms of Educational background, we don’t really know exactly. But we thing Agatha might be a middle or a high school student.

We also could not find any info regarding Agatha’s body measurement. We don’t know her height, weight, size of her shoes and all that stuff. But we do know that she has blue eyes and blonde hair.

If we have to speak on her social media presence, Agatha Gibson is available on Instagram and her username is @gaggiie. She doesn’t share that much on Insta though but we can find many of her Childhood photographs with her dad and father.

Agatha Marie Gibson has two brothers

She is not a only child and there are two brothers of her who are elder than her. It looks like her childhood was very interesting because she grew up with her elder brothers.

Her eldest brother name is James Parker Gibson, and he was born in 1999, by profession he is also a photographer and completed his education from Savannah College of Arts and Design.

Another brother name is Travis Carter Gibson and he was born in 2002 and he has already started his career same like his father in entertainment world. Travis has already made his appearances on famous TV series and movies like Criminal Minds.

Agatha Marie Gibson’s Parents Divorced

Agatha parents Thomas and Christina did wed on 1993, and the ceremony was not so huge and it was kept private. It also said that both of them started to date from 80s.

When they were dating, Thomas was starting his career in Showbiz while they were dating and later their romance turned to marriage life.

But sadly, this couple did break up in 2014 and officially did a divorce in 2018 since, than both of them started to live their own way.

Career and Professional Life

Agatha is a popular young child because of her celebrity father. She is the only daughter of the American actor and beside being just another daughter of a celebrity, Agatha is also a talented dancer.

We can find many of her videos where she does Ballet and Contemporary dances on her official Instagram. We can also find her father posting her pictures on his personal Instagram.

Agatha’s Relationship Status

Agatha has not really confirmed what her relationship status is. She is already 16 years old so, we guess she does have a boyfriend. She shares many photos wit Gavin Boyle on her Instagram and he might be her romantic interest. But we can’t be sure, Gavin’s Instagram is pretty private.

Is Agatha Marie Gibson dating?

Agatha’s dad also shared a photo of Gavin and Agatha enjoying their time on Sullvans Island one time. So, yes she is dating with Gavin Boyle and it has been more than year that they are on relationship.

Although, her Instagram is private you can see her profile is full with her boyfriend. We don’t know how their romance story was started but we do know that both of them are from same school.

One time, she posted the picture of ring at that time rumor was spread like she was going to marry her boyfriend but this was not so real and besides, photo she has not revealed anything about her romance life.

Agatha Gibson Net Worth

Since Agatha is still a child, we don’t really know about her net worth. She might become a big celebrity just like her parents and then earn a big amount of money but right now, it’s pretty hard to say exactly.

Moving on to her dad though, Her dad is a very big celebrity in Hollywood. He has done shows like Chicago Hope. He has also starred i the hit ABC TV series Dharma & Greg.

In addition, he was caste in Criminal Minds as well. All of these roles have made him a lot of money. His exact net worth is around $18 million which is a very big deal.

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