Is Agatha Harkness in Doctor Strange 2? How (& Why) She Could Return

agatha harkness

If you are a Marvel fan then there is no way you might have missed the WandaVision series, the series shows us Wanda is broken by the death of her boyfriend Vision, her brother, and others who she loved so she creates an alternate reality where Vision and her brother are alive and in this alternate reality she also has kids with Vision.

In this series, we saw a woman named Agnes who has one of the major roles and at last, it turns out she is Agatha Harkness. I am going to assume that you guys have watched the series so I will not explain much about the series now and if you have not watched the series then what are you waiting for? Just go and finish the whole series.

Agatha Harkness

As mentioned Agatha Harkness or Agnes has one of the important roles in the series WandaVision and thanks to her Wanda has become more powerful than ever, which we will be seeing in the multiverse of madness. The trailer of the movie is already out and fans are going insane.

Just like you guys, I can’t wait to watch the movie as we might see many character introductions and cameos in the movie. But let’s stay on the topic and talk about Agatha.

It’s already confirmed that Agatha Harkness will have her own Disney+ series but hold on that is not all, According to Deadline, Kathryn Hahn the actress who portrayed the character of Agatha Harkness has signed in for her own series which is now in the works and as per the sources, she not only signed for her series but she also signed for various Marvel movies and shows.

Why Could Agatha Harkness Be in Dr. Strange 2?

Do you guys remember when Agatha said to Wanda when they fought? If not then let me remind you, “You have no idea what you have unleashed, you’re gonna need me,” does it ring the bell? I bet it does.

There is no doubt that Agatha was one of the best parts of WandaVision and we can expect her to be in the movie because of what she said to Wanda and also according to The Hollywood Reporter, there were reshoots for Dr. Strange 2 so that they could make more cameos and introduce more characters.

So what do you think about it? Do you think that Agatha will make a cameo in this movie?

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