Everything About Derek Deso and Sophia Turner

Derek Deso

Derek Deso is a famous an American YouTuber and he is very famous for publishing prank shows and fun videos on his official YouTube channel. There are over more than 2.4 million followers on his YouTube account which is also growing everyday and every hour.

The success for his YouTube channel is due to mixture of fun and unique combination of content which also looks very natural and real. His fame and popularity grow more and more when he started to published content with other YouTube stars also, his content is far from other YouTubers similar contents.

If you are constant watcher of his channel than you surely know the girl named Sophia Turner who pops on videos regularly. This couple is also famous known couple on YouTube. Everybody loves his channel and viewers has also expressed many times that they feel very curious to watch when Derek also include Sophia on his video.

So, in this article we are going to look in deep about Derek and Sophia personal life, their family life and all about their relationship as well.

Who is Derek Deso?

Derek Deso was born in 1987 and his birth place was LA, California, USA by 2021 he is about 34 years old. His family has four members including his two other brothers as well. As per he said that his family was raised by alone mother and she did her best to give him and his brothers the best life.

When he was on LA, he completed his education from Bellflower High School but when he was 23 years and it was time in 2010 he started his own YouTube channel and named it TheBoogShow, this channel was started when YouTube was also not so famous at the time.

TheBoogShow was started by Derek and his friends Lil Moco, Qbanguy, and NesBoog. This channel of their has crossed over 500k subscribers by now and still the group uploads many videos like pranks and other fun videos.

In 2015, their video on channel named EXTREME SPIDER PRANK (GONE WRONG) was massive hit brining more than 5 Million views at the time was life changing movement for Derek.

Derek has also started his own YouTube channel named DerekDesoDaily in 2011 and till now it has more than 2 million subscribers as well.

Derek and Sophia started dating in early 2019

Derek Deso with Sophia

Before Derek and Sophia started to date, Derek was on a relationship with another woman Lycette Cornejo. You can also check many videos of Derek where Lycette appears frequently but later they did breakup at the end of 2018.

They even tried their best to get back in relation but it was not success as soon as they get separated Derek started to date with Sophia in 2019.

They dated only for few months before they got married in 2019 and finally their marriage was happened in September 2019.

Since than you can see Sophia more frequently on Derek videos we can also assume that they are having very healthy and close relationship between each other.

Their YouTube channel uploads prank videos frequently and sometime they also include their family members on the videos. Many times their videos looks like danger to normal videos because their videos content includes cheating my husband some kinds of stuffs but it is just a prank that has been scripted by Derek.

You can also check their YouTube video Im Pregnant By Someone Else.. where she told her husband that she is pregnant by another man, but it was just a prank. And in the video you can see that they are arguing with each other as well but always be sure to know it is prank and they script it before doing the prank.

If you check Derek another video i cheated… where Derek told that he’d cheated her, but Sophia at that time was not aware about the video and she also planned to called off the wedding and once again lots of argument between them starts on the video. Derek also don’t tell Sophia that this was prank video which also looks very real prank video.

Derek and Sophia marriage was happened on 2019 and as per the sources their marriage ceremony was attended by close friends and family only.

Sophia’s son from a previous relationship

Derek and Sophia also shares a son from her previous relationship, Derek also refers Sophia son Quincy as his own son and the love bond between them also seems very deep.

Recently, Derek and Sophia bring back their kid who was living somewhere on Washington.

Sophia is a beauty enthusiast

Sofia is a business woman she also owns salon, you can check her Instagram where she has also refers to herself as Lash Tech, Hair Stylist & Salon Owner. Her eye lashes works can be seen on her IG account as well.

Sophia has also started her own YouTube channel, in her channel she also adds videos frequently about fashion brands reviews and some prank videos as well as makeup tutorial but her YouTube channel is not active and she don’t add as much as frequent videos compare to Derek.

Derek was arrested during a Black Lives Matter protest

Derek has showed his extreme presence during protest on Black Lives Matter and he also used his voice from YouTube to show support and care for the black freedom.

When Derek was on protest with his friends police caught them and the reason was being outside past curfew time. Derek has also told that he doesn’t like the police system and totally dissatisfied about it as well.

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