Who is American Journalist, Abby Hornacek?

Abby Hornacek

Abby Hornacek is a widely famous American journalist as well as a TV personality. She is quite a big name in the entertainment and news industry. In addition, she is also the daughter of the former NBA Player (now a coach) Jeff Hornacek.

You might know shows such as American Arenas, Park’D and Ride to Work. Abby is the one hosting these shows. She later joined Fox Nation after getting success with these shows.

What was Abby’s childhood like?

Abby was born as the sole daughter in her family. She did have two other siblings though. Her parents are Jeff Hornacek and Stacy Hornacek. Abby’s father was a former NBA player and a coach. He was the head coach of the Knicks at one point.

Abby’s older brothers are Tyler and Ryan. One of her brothers in married. Abby’s childhood was quite normal. While she was growing up, she went to the Xavier College Preparatory in the state of Pheonix. She also played Volleyball for her schol team and even won the State championship when she was playing the sports. Later, she got enrolled at the University of South California. From this school, she graduated in the May of 2016. Her major was in Broadcast Journalism.

Abby Hornacek’s Relationships and Personal Life

Moving on to her relationships, Abbey has kept quite a low profile on that front. In addition, she also hasn’t spoken openly about her life on Social Media. She is quite a private person and has always stayed away from all the glitz and glamour. Her fans do want to know who she is dating though. And trust us, we searched hard for you guys. Going through her Instagram account, we found nothing. All she has are pictures with her brothers and father. We guess Abby is currently focused on her career more than anything else right now!

How did Abby’s Career start?


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As a child, Abby spent most of her time in Utah. She was there till 10 and then the family moved to Arizona after her dad retired from the sports of Basketball. She joined the Journalism program after high school. While in college, she started to take the production and anchoring gigs at Trojan Vision TV (which was a student-operated network on the campus). But she then quit this job and started to play Volleyball.

But after a short break from the media world, she rejoined another Student operated news program and during this time, she got to cover many stories and was good at it.

Abby’s Professional Career

Abby Started her professional media career in the month of January all the way back in 2014. This was when she decided to join Fox Sports San Diego. Her first entry in her career was as a production intern. She helped Fox Sports 1 producers do Live broadcasts and shows as an intern. She also helped in logging and clipping sports content for the show.

After working as an Intern for 4 months, she then decided to join the Network as a host as well as a reporter. She also co-hosted shows such as Phoenix Suns Mock Draft and San Diego Prep Insider which is a weekly night show. Abby also worked as a sideline reporter and was a contributor to ESPN.

After the news, she transitioned to hosting sports programs at Stadium which is a Chicago-based sports network. Abby also covered a Racing League for two years and became a hos for Fox News earlier that year.

Currently, she hosts three quite famous shows named PARK’D, American Arenas, and Ride to Work. In the show PARK’d, her job is to travel across the USA and explore different National Parks. She also shows the history of these places and participates in many activities. Her next show is American Arenas. In this show, she visits the most iconic sports arenas present across America. Similarly, in Ride to Work, she interviews people from Fox Network.

Abby has had a lot of accomplishments in her life. She got the third position for Miss Arizona which is a beauty pageant. She also has academic honors from the University of Southern California. Abbey has got honors like the Order of Omega and from fraternities such as USC Phi Signa Theta Honors.

Social Media and Net Worth


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Abby is quite active on Social Media. Her total follower count is around 80K. On Twitter, 40K people follow her while on Facebook she has 30K admirers.

In terms of net worth, she is worth around $500K. This is quite a good amount of money. Half a million is enough to live a decent life. She lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Abby keeps busy most of the time. She is currently learning to play musical instruments like guitar and banjo. She hosts three shows and has made her money from her job. Abby has gained popularity for being a public personality as well. She has also embraced this fame and has been quite fortunate for it as well.

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